SEC Media Days 2013: Quotes and Highlights of Steve Spurrier's Wild Presser

Brian LeighFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2013

Steve Spurrier is known, in some circles, as the king of SEC media days.

Batting clean-up on the event's first evening, he was every bit as good as advertised.

He opened by talking about the SEC coaches meeting in Destin, Florida.

While there, he says, the conference's head coaches—in both football and basketball—agreed that some provisions should be made allowing college athletes to be paid:

He spoke with passion about the issue, championing the players' right to earn some spending money in a business that generates such exorbitant figures.

He also said the only thing that would get him to stop his crusade would be if President Obama asked him to:

His next target was Notre Dame and the upcoming college football playoff, another issue he said the SEC football coaches talked and agreed about in Destin.

The coaches, Spurrier said, think it unfair that Notre Dame's athletic director had the same say as conference commissioners on the playoff. They think Notre Dame should have to cease its independence and join the ACC:

Spurrier's final gripe before heading into team-specific questions was the hot-button issue of permanent cross-division rivalries.

He lauded (and envied) the Big 12's scheduling fairness and extended his sympathies to LSU and Florida—two perennial powerhouses who have to play each other annually in the current system:

From there Spurrier moved into more Gamecock-specific and light-hearted stuff. Here are some highlights of that part of the presser:

On his team's goal to win the SEC Championship:

On superstar defensive end Jadeveon Clowney:

On potential two-QB sets with Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson:

On his 50th high-school reunion:

And, most importantly, on Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze, whom he offended with a jab at the Rebels at SEC media day 2012:

Don't ever change, Mr. Spurrier. Don't you ever change.