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Spurrier Taking over Play-Calling Is Great Move

By Brian Leigh (Photo: Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

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    Top SEC Out-of-Conference Games

    by Barrett Sallee

    The SEC is loaded with intriguing out-of-conference matchups in 2015, many of which will determine whether or not the league that once dominated the college football landscape is progressing, re... Read More »

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    Top Social CFB Stories of the Week

    by Ben Kercheval

    The Fifth Down captures the top social college football stories of the week. Because the long, grueling offseason is underway, we'll focus on things that make us laugh, think, maybe cry, but most... Read More »

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    Underrated SEC Players to Watch This Spring

    by Barrett Sallee

    By now, you know about the stars in the SEC. Georgia running back Nick Chubb , LSU running back Leonard Fournette , Alabama running back Derrick Henry and Auburn wide receiver ... Read More »

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    Gamecocks 2015 Spring Practice Primer

    by Barrett Sallee

    Was South Carolina's 7-6 record in 2014 a sign of impending doom, or just a one-year anomaly that can be corrected with some minor tweaks in the offseason? That question will begin to be answered o... Read More »

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    Ranking SEC's Best Rivalries

    by Barrett Sallee

    The SEC is known for having some of the best rivalries in college football, both inside the conference and outside with state schools from other conferences... Read More »