1. South Carolina Coach Shawn Elliott And Quarterback Lorenzo Nunez Have Miscommunication About Injury Status https://t.co/fdKvxjmMOl

  2. Has South Carolina's Steve Spurrier Missed Window for Another SEC Championship?

  3. Jan. voicemail from dad. "I was just calling to find out when then the Super Bowl is. I don't know." #dadupdate

  4. It's Rivalry Week!! #BeatClemson https://t.co/D1XXJKcNNk

  5. From earlier: detailed Q&A from Brandon McIlwain: https://t.co/7kfK2aWSqR

  6. Watching bit of #Gamecock hoops tonight. Sindarius Thornwell giving great effort.

  7. Ray Tanner has a lot to sell to a potential new head coach in Columbia: https://t.co/mQwyy2mCO7

  8. The Captain has spoken: Carey Rich's observations from USC/Hofstra hoops: https://t.co/AWt4JvjNDL

  9. Recruiting pitch: Ray Tanner has a lot to sell to the next football coach at South Carolina. Why is the job s... https://t.co/wGTlrpcGFz

  10. Ray Tanner's commitment to facilities and own strong recruiting ability will help #Gamecocks: https://t.co/mQwyy2mCO7

  11. Can we get a Les Miles & Steve Spurrier radio show? Daily commentary on CFB, politics, botany, fast food, astronomy, anything really.

  12. Hey @BillSimmons, can you put in a word for Les Miles and Steve Spurrier for True Detective season 3?

  13. If we lose Spurrier and Miles in the same year, that makes this the #OffseasonOfBert

  14. If Les Miles and Steve Spurrier are both gone, I'm never going back to SEC Media Days

  15. Make sure & catch us, @jcshurburtt & @pastorofpain tonight on @GamecockFB "Chalk Talk" at 11 on @wachfox #Gamecocks https://t.co/sPmbmtwtAN

  16. . @ShawnElliottUSC and the @GamecockFB team making a special appearance tonight. #Gamecocks https://t.co/PsCGA8ybJg

  17. Photos: USC-The Citadel galleries: The South Carolina Gamecocks lost to The Citadel at Williams-Brice Stadium ... https://t.co/mjO1KPH8yR

  18. Don't discount the role that a stable, supportive, strong administration plays in a coaching search. https://t.co/mQwyy2mCO7

  19. . @GamecockFB makes a surprise appearance at Tiger Burn (story and photos) #Gamecocks https://t.co/UThHzoBAz9 https://t.co/kezMNNaH0d

  20. Latest I've gathered on #Gamecocks coaching search for @GamecockCentral subscribers right here:https://t.co/8ferDtjX82

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  22. Another win for the Gamecocks! Final score: USC 83-Tulsa 75. The Gamecocks win the Paradise Jam.

  23. How hard is it to win 68% of your SEC games as Les Miles has? Holtz and Spurrier were under .500 combined in SEC games at South Carolina.

  24. 4 more days until the #PalmettoBowl #BeatClemson https://t.co/rmiAPTPi3a

  25. 4 more days until the #PalmettoBowl #BeatClemson

  26. Stephon Gilmore (@bumpnrungilmore) picks off Tom Brady on #MNF! #gamecocks #NFLgamecocks #gamecocksintheNFL

  27. Brandon Wilds: "It's senior day, my last game at Williams-Brice. I've enjoyed my time here." #Gamecocks

  28. Brandon Wilds: "I'm just focused on Clemson. Trying to get a win in my last game." #Gamecocks

  29. Coming up at Noon, weekly press conference with @ShawnElliottUSC. Live stream: https://t.co/NtKrbmpzfd #Gamecocks https://t.co/J0KUS9ASmS

  30. Shawn Elliott: "We're thrilled to have the best team in the country coming to Williams-Brice Stadium." #Gamecocks

  31. Shawn Elliott's weekly press conference is underway

  32. Elliott says Lorenzo Nunez is practicing. Not wearing yellow. #Gamecocks

  33. Elliott says neither Pharoh Cooper nor Skai Moore have approached him about leaving for the NFL. #Gamecocks

  34. Mike Matulis and Brandon Shell #Gamecocks #UofSC https://t.co/1fl5bp0m73

  35. Matulis: "We put last week behind us...This is our bowl game." #Gamecocks

  36. Mac Lain also says he remembers batteries and lighters being thrown at the Tigers on last two visits to Williams-Brice.

  37. Matulis on #Clemson defense: "They're fast, they're athletic, they're strong." #Gamecocks

  38. Brandon Shell says this team has taught him not to take things for granted. #Gamecocks