See Wes Welker, Greg Jennings, More in Action for Their New Teams on Madden 25

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Uniform fanatics and sports gamers will love this sneak peek of EA Sports' Madden 25. Several high-profile wide receivers switched teams during the offseason, and the video above shows them all in their new digs.

Seeing Denver Bronco Wes Welker, Seattle Seahawk Percy Harvin, San Francisco 49er Anquan Boldin, Minnesota Viking Greg Jennings and Miami Dolphin Mike Wallace in different uniforms is cool, but we should also take notice of a few new game-play tweaks.

Notice many of the in-and-out moves, cuts and change-of-direction animations in the video.

These are all examples of the new True Step player motion, which is designed to make every step your players takes a calculated movement.

The very shifty Welker shows a variety of moves in his sequence in the short video. Jennings also does a number on the opposition, but the Chicago Bears fan in me would have preferred the Vikings receiver victimize his old team, the Green Bay Packers.

Foot-planting, cutting, and shifting momentum are all methods players can use to maximize the agility of their players. Receivers were, perhaps, the best position to feature in a video like this, as they are among the most agile players in the sport.

These new physics-based enhancements are all part of the next step in the development of the Ignite engine. The engine drastically changed game play in Madden 13 and aims to push the bar in Madden 25.

As we approach the next generation of console gaming, game-play enhancements like this are even more important than graphics improvements on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Xbox One and PS4 are more powerful machines that will undoubtedly raise the level of visual appeal, but game play is the element most important to transfer to the next generation of gaming.

With the game set to release on Aug. 28, we can expect to see more and more Madden 25 videos in the coming weeks.


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