15 Sideline Reporters Just Getting Destroyed

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 11, 2013

15 Sideline Reporters Just Getting Destroyed

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    As great as watching a game in person is, one benefit of posting up on your couch and putting your feet up are the sexy sideline reporters.

    Though we have to deal with commentators that make us hit the mute button at times, it's definitely worth it when the camera finds ladies like Jenn Brown and Kaylee Hartung.

    But just because these girls look sexy and are good at what they do doesn't mean they're free from being part of the action sometimes. Their male counterparts aren't immune to physical danger, either.

    Here are 15 instances where reporters received a few unexpected surprises.

Peter Moller

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    While most athletes tend to celebrate a title with bottles of champagne amongst their teammates, FC Copenhagen's Lars Jacobsen thought it'd be a good idea to pull a slide tackle on Danish reporter, Peter Moller.

    Not sure why this happened, but it's pretty funny seeing the metro-looking Moller go down in his fitted suit and perfectly-gelled hair—while even throwing a quick clip and an elbow at Jacobsen as he walks away.

Ian Mendes

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    San Francisco Giants reporter Ian Mendes is an absolute champ.

    Just moments before going live, the dude takes a liner right to the leg, noticeably causing him some pain, but he still delivers a stellar Brian Wilson update.

    Hopefully his producers had some ice waiting for him once he lost the microphone.

John Giannone

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    Hockey is a tough man's sport, but you wouldn't think that reporting on hockey takes a seriously long stick too.

    Rangers reporter John Giannone showed that standing in the one place that isn't protected by glass wasn't the best idea, as he caught a cleared puck to the schnoz.

    A couple touch-ups, and the dude was back at it.

Lee Valsvik

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    Vikings reporter Lee Valsvik shows here that, even when away from the field, football is a violent sport to be close to.

    Standing in a restaurant in preparation of the Vikes playoff game last season, Valsvik gets completely pummeled when the mixologist of the joint tosses the ball to what appears to be a steamroller, who charges at the reporter like he's Craig "Iron Head" Heyward.

    Can someone say "job opening?"

    She shook it off and kept at it though.

Nick Gismondi

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    I really hope that Universal Sports significantly upped the pay of sideline reporter Nick Gismondi, because to put himself through this type of physical abuse is insane.

    Just walking up to the field and seeing monster rugby players Todd Clever and Tai Enosa would be enough to change my mind pretty quickly, but the reporter just goes about his business and takes hits like a champ.

    If Gismondi didn't get the pay raise, Universal at least should have paid for his damn hospital bills.

Andrew Keoghan

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    Note to any aspiring reporters; never get cocky when it comes to your job.

    This unfortunate wanker, Andrew Keoghan, discovered that the very hard way, taking a shot from a guy who throws as hard as 138 kilometers per hour.

    For those bad at math, that's about 86 miles per hour, so, yeah, this probably hurt quite a bit.

Julie Alexandria I

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    What was newly named Julie Alexandria's welcome gift from this year's group of Washington Nationals?

    How about a sopping wet Gatorade shower?

    While interviewing Gio Gonzalez, Julie got nailed by a couple of his stealth teammates, with one even shouting, "welcome Julie."

    Total bro move on his part, but hilarious nonetheless.

Julie Alexandria II

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    If getting hit by Gatorade once is bad, what's it feel like to have it happen twice—the very next night?

    That's definitely a question Nats reporter Julie Alexander can answer, as she probably hadn't even washed out all the sticky substance from her hair before getting another downpour.

    Poor girl, not even a raincoat could save her this time.

Ian Rappoport

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    As we've seen, anytime someone gets hit by anything unexpectedly, it's funny as hell.

    This one makes me laugh even harder because the reporter, Ian Rappoport, actually asks the studio guys if they, "just saw that football?"

    No man, they didn't see a giant brown object knock you backwards as you dropped the mic.

Steve Coates

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    Over the years, there have been some seriously scary incidents where a hockey skate flew up into a player's neck, leaving them gushing blood (note: it's pretty gruesome to watch).

    Luckily for Flyers reporter Steve Coates, he escaped any major damage besides a bruised chest, bruised ego and a hopefully a solid recovery after getting knocked back during this Flyers/Rangers game a couple years ago.

Kelly Crull

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    The Padres may be struggling this year on the field, but a few weeks ago, they showed that they know the definition of teamwork.

    It unfortunately came at the expense of reporter Kelly Crull.

    Just like Nats reporter Julie Alexandria, she got ganged up on by some players who then doused her with Gatorade—twice!

Jim Knox

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    I honestly couldn't stop replaying and laughing out loud at this one.

    Seeing Jim Knox try to run with a charging buffalo around a football field is pretty funny enough, but when one of the wranglers squares him up and sets a hard screen on him, spinning him around and sending him to the ground, it's just too much to handle.

Jessica Kastrop

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    Since I took Spanish and Italian in high school and college, I have no idea what the hell German Sky Sports News soccer reporter Jessica Kastrop is trying to say here at all.

    Honestly though, even if she was talking slow English, I'm not sure I could make out a single word once that ball knocks her in the back of the head.

    That's not the type of header one is used to seeing on the soccer pitch.

Sophia Minnaert

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    Can we all just commend the work that Brewers reporter Sophia Minnaert did on this?

    Looking like she's fresh out of broadcast journalism school in the first place, she's just minding her own business and trying to do her job when, out of nowhere, a baseball bounces up and knocks her off her game.

    She may have dropped the mic, but she recovered nicely and didn't sustain any serious damage, proving she's a major league reporter.

    If anything, she gained street cred.

Amy Campbell

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    This one just happened the other day, so I wonder if the reporter, Amy Campbell, is still shaking off the pain from the hit?

    I don't want to add insult to injury here, but come on, rookie move by Amy for standing so close to the end zone during drillsthat's just a recipe for disaster.

    Major props though for not only taking the hit unknowingly, but I'm pretty sure we hear a laugh while she's picking herself up off the ground, showing she's OK.

    I'd probably be crying like a little pansy.