The Potential Of The American Dreams Son Cody Rhodes

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

The American dreams boy Cody Rhodes hmm...?

It has come to my attention that some people think that Cody Rhodes has a better future then Ted Dibiase  Jr, I for one don't agree with this statement but i looked into it.

SO HERE IT IS.......

The American Dreams son has been compared to numerous superstars, but the most I hear about is Ted Dibiase Jr.

Here is an article i wrote about him

Cody Rhodes is  smaller in build then Dibiase ,he doesn't have the look that Dibiase has and his finisher isn't that good at all its kinda lame still.

However Cody Rhodes does have al ot of potential, he has been bulking up recently if any one has noticed he is getting bigger and bigger which is good because his small size could hold him back in his career.

He will not be like Randy Orton hopefully, and the reason i say this is because Orton is Orton and we don't need 3 Orton's Ted/Cody.

The way i see Cody wrestling is with a lot of charisma and heart, he doesn't look good wrestling in the same style of Randy Orton.

I hope he has as much charisma as his dad did and not be a viper.

Cody needs to change his finishing move and his entrance theme because it's Dibiase's theme not Cody's and lets face it Cody isn't priceless he is the new American dream.

I am not comparing these people to their fathers because let's face it Dibiase won't be like his dad and never hold a world title and have a lame gimmick that doesn't connect with the fans.

I see Cody Rhodes holding the world title someday if he keeps on road that he is on by improving every week.

Here are the real questions are

Who is better Ted or Cody?

What do you think?