WWE: Potential First Instalment Ted Debiase Jr

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IApril 21, 2009

welcome one in all to the first installment in a new series I'm starting:


In this new concept of mine I will talk about the potential of superstars in the WWE and maybe elsewere like TNA wrestiling or Ring of Honor.

I only thought I would start this new series with the superstar on RAW with the most potential, Ted Debiase Jr.

Debiase Jr. has alot of potential. His father the "Million Dollar Man" Ted Debiase Sr. was a great performer and Jr. is set to be one as well.

Currently aligning himself with the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton, Debiase Jr. is on the path to shine extremly bright within the next two years.

He is rumored to have a face turn in order to promote his new movie "The Marine 2." If thats not impressive, I don't know what is. Debiase Jr. hasn't been on tv for more than a year and WWE is already putting him into a movie.

He is even been rumored to be the on to end the WrestleMania streak of the legendary Undertaker.

Debiase Jr. is going to be pushed to the moon and will either be the heel or the new face of the company.

With Debiase Jr. on RAW, Mid-carders will be forced to take a backseat in to be pushed. I might be wrong, maybe one mid carder on raw will be pushed to the main event seen before Debiase Jr., prossibly MVP or Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy.

He also has found a new finisher.  His finisher used to be a million dollar dream/cobra clutch into a reverse russian leg sweep, but now he put someone into the million dollar dream and lifts them up and slams them down.  It almost looks like a Rock Bottom. That move has potential.

It is obvious Debiase Jr. is going to be a future world champion.  The only question left is when will he do it?  And who will he take it from?

I have a pretty good guess on who randy orton.

Its just a matter of time before Legacy turns on Orton.  My prediction is Dibiase Jr. becoming Orton's new rival. 

they will both still be around long after Triple H's Retirement. 

Unfortunately for Cody Rhodes, he'll probably get lost in this.

what do you think of this new segment and Debiase Jr.?