TNA Hardcore Justice 2 2013 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IJuly 5, 2013

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The fact that Hardcore Justice 2 was pre-taped several months ago did absolutely nothing to take away from its entertainment value. 

As a part of TNA's new series of One Night Only pay-per-views, this special event featured exactly what its name promised: hardcore battles. 

There was a little bit of everything from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando. 

Hardcore Holly, in appropriate fashion, made his TNA debut. Joseph Park—or Abyss, or whatever you want to call him—competed in the Monster's Ball Match he made famous against El Mesias with James Mitchell ringside. The Knockouts, including legend Jackie Moore, once again proved why they are the best ladies in wrestling. Several other superstars made fun guest appearances. 

And that was just a fraction of the high-spot, no-holds barred, scintillating entertainment. 

Let's take a full look at what went down. 


Quick Results

The Latin American Exchange (Homicide and Hernandez) defeat New Church (Brian Lee and Slash) in a Street Fight.

ODB defeats Jackie Moore in a No DQ Match.

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) defeat Generation Me (Jeremy and Max Buck).

Shark Boy defeats Gunner, Crimson, Little Guido, Funaki, Sam Shaw, Johnny Swinger and 2 Cold Scorpio in a Hardcore Gauntlet Match.

James Storm, Magnus and Hardcore Holly defeat Aces & Eights (D.O.C., Wes Brisco and Knux).

Joseph Park defeats Judas Mesias (with James Mitchell) in a Monster's Ball Match.

Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt defeat Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon) in a Tables Match.


Bad Influence and Generation Me Steal the Show

What do you get when you mix Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Jeremy Buck, Max Buck and lots of ladders?

You get an instant classic:

Even without the pre-taping spoilers ruining the surprise, we could have guessed this was coming. Daniels and Kazarian have dominated TNA over the past year, consistently putting on elite matches, while Jeremy and Max Buck are super talented. 

It's hard to pick out the best spot of this match. 

Perhaps, it was Buck, while falling off the top of the ladder, springing off the ropes for an amazing front flip to the outside or Kazarian getting thrown outside on the ladder but only hitting his leg in what appeared to be a painful sequence or Daniels' moonsault. 

There were plenty of nominees, but what really matters is that the match was full of high-flying spots and thrilling, fearless action. 


Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt End the Night in Appropriate Fashion

It wasn't Jeff Hardy's best performance of his career, but it was still a terrific match to end an entertaining night:

Each team got in a solid amount of offense, showcasing a good variety of moves along with some great spots. What was interesting is that, whether on purpose on night, the finale summed up exactly what "hardcore" is all about: these guys putting their bodies on the line for our entertainment. 

Hardy and Brother Runt had Devon set up on the table. Hardy went to the top rope and delivered a big splash, but the table broke awkwardly and it appeared to be a rough fall. 

Nevertheless, he was obviously OK, and it was a great way to end a thrilling show: