Give It Up Already, Brett...

John KessanisCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009


Is this what Minnesota fans have to look forward to this year?

Another spring, another comeback. Oh, tis' the season.

It's May in America. Baseball is in full swing, the NBA Playoffs are picking up steam after the Boston-Chicago series, and the NHL is banking on a big draw from the Ovechkin-Crosby matchup in the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

But what would an NFL offseason be without some Brett Favre drama? That's like going to the movies and seeing a film with no previews before hand. Sure, you may not actually enjoy the previews, but what good movie has ever been preview-less?

They even act as a "buffer zone" for movie goers (like myself) who notoriously show up 10 minutes after the scheduled showtime. We don't worry about getting into our kernel covered seats a little late because the slew of 90 seconds trailers before the movie save our behinds every time. It's like clockwork.

With Brett, he provides die hard football fans the fix they need during what I refer to as the "cold turkey months" each year. From February to mid August, America's most loyal fans—NFL fans—shiver, shake and bite their nails in anticipation of their first fantasy draft, preseason game, and new Coors Light ad with those fake press conferences (I still laugh every time).

Even if you missed the latest on Michael Vick, the NFL Draft, or TJ Houshmandzadeh getting dealt to Seattle, the blindest of football fans cannot escape the Favre story lines each spring.

Last season, the Packers seemed more like Homeland Security than an NFL franchise. They did everything in their power to protect the citizens of Green Bay from a purple and gold nuke being dropped directly on Lambeau Field. If Brett wasn't going to be a Packer, there was a 0.0000% shot he would be playing in Minnesota.

We all know the falling out Brett had with Green Bay, starting with their lack of pursuance of WR Randy Moss when Oakland was practically giving him away.

It got worse when Green Bay all but handed the reigns to Aaron Rodgers after the Pack's loss in the NFC Championship game to the Giants in 2007.

And Brett made it no secret that getting into Minnesota, traditionally a house of horrors for him from his time in Green Bay, and playing for the Vikings would be the perfect way to go out.

Brett played his 2008 with the Jets, missed the playoffs and promptly retired. Again.

The Jets, however, did something which Green Bay management did not plan for. By releasing Brett after he retired, he became an UFA (unrestricted free agent). All the ransoms and stipulations which had been put on a Brett-to-Minny scenario were thrown out the window.

If Brett wants the Vikings and the Vikings want him, then walk them down the aisle and have Ziggy Wilf read the vows. And as far as Viking fans are concerned, bringing in an arch rival quarterback—one who is undoubtedly better than the one you have now—to stick it to a division rival is music to their ears.

Or massive Viking horns.

But Brett, please stop with these dragged on story lines. There are some great games being played in the world of sports right now. When I turn on the 11 P.M. Sportscenter, I do not want the first twenty minutes revolving around another possible comeback. You were one hell of a quarterback, arguably the best ever.

But don't turn into Emmitt Smith or Jerry Rice, Hank Aaron or Roger Clemens, Patrick Ewing or even—gulp—Michael Jordan.

Each one of these mega stars is a first ballot Hall of Famer in their respective sports. But can you name the last team each of these guys played for? And do you dare compare their productivity with those teams than their "staple franchises," the franchises whose jerseys they will be dawning when they get to Canton, Cooperstown, or Springfield?

With Brett, Minnesota would be an instant favorite in the NFC to reach Super Bowl XLIV.

The combination of Favre, AP, and Percy Harvin in the backfield would look eerily similar to the Brees-McAllister-Bush combo which brought New Orleans to within minutes of reaching the Super Bowl only a few years ago. And their defense is far better than any eleven defensive players New Orleans has put on the field in recent memory. Brett could be a literal Christmas in July for the Vikes.

For the time being, Favre insists he isn't coming back. Still, "the itch" which Brett has to play again, as so many sources have reported, seems more like chicken pox.

But it's just not worth it for Brett. He is the Derek Jeter of football. He has a Super Bowl ring, 3 MVPs, and the complete adoration of all things Green Bay.

As a matter of fact, he is Green Bay. I can understand wanting to go out on top like Elway did, but John was a Bronco for life. All athletes have second thoughts about retiring, but the great ones can put things in the proper perspective. Just ask Elway, or Tony Gwynn, or Steve Yzerman.

Just don't ask Brett. You'll be waiting for an answer for a looong time.