Brad Childress To Meet With Brett Favre To Reject Him

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMay 6, 2009

SEATTLE - DECEMBER 21:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the New York Jets looks up after being tackled by Lawrence Jackson #95 of the Seattle Seahawks on December 21, 2008 at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks defeated the Jets 13-3. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Deja vu. 

It is defined as the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously.  That just about sums up Brett Favre's latest cliffhanger soap opera. 

Rumors have it that Favre is once again not only interested in changing his mind about retirement, but attempting to gain a spot on the Minnesota Vikings.  Only this time the story has a new twist...after his poor performance last season in New York, the desire to have him as quarterback is not as strong as it was at this time last year.

Reports had it that Brad Childress is flying to Mississippi to meet with Favre about becoming the starting quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.  However, with recent news that no flights have been scheduled of any Vikings personnel to Mississippi, some facts have come to fruition. 

A highly ranking official with the Vikings has informed sources that Childress just simply doesn't want Brett Favre on his team.  "There was a time last season where he did," said the source.  "But you have to realize that the Vikings made the playoffs last season, something Brett Favre wasn't able to do." 

In fact, the reason why Childress hasn't booked any flight to see Favre is that he doesn't want to waste the time and money of the organization to meet with him.  "Childress told me that if Favre wants to meet with him, Favre has to book his own flight and come up to Minnesota himself."

Although Favre could not be reached for comment and still won't even talk about coming out of retirement (again), a source close to him has said that Favre not only is going to come back, but that he has obtained some left over steroids from Alex Rodriguez in order to bulk up as much as he can before he can legally be tested.

The source went on to say, "If the Vikings don't want him, there's plenty of teams that will."  However, immediately after saying this quote, he received a text message from the Detroit Lions saying that they would rather have Daunte Culpepper as their starter, and if that doesn't work out, Matthew Stafford.

"Fine, whatever," he responded.  "With the way Aaron Rodgers destroyed the Green Bay Packers last season, they must be dying to have Favre back."  Almost like clockwork, another text was received, this time from the Packers organization.  The text read as follows: "We are very happy with Aaron Rodgers' development.  At least with him, we have a quarterback who knows how to use indoor plumbing unlike (the Mississippi native) Favre."

"Well, there's always the A.F.C.."  Before getting another text telling him otherwise, the source turned off his phone and escaped the building.  However, certain reporters have gotten answers from some of those teams.

The Buffalo Bills say they won't bring in Favre because due to their geographical closeness to that of the Jets. They witnessed all the discarded Brett Favre Jets jerseys on the streets, and don't want to have to deal with picking up and throwing out more Favre jerseys after he retires again.

The Cleveland Browns won't bring him on for the obvious reason that their new head coach, Eric Mangini, coached Favre last season in New York.  "It's one thing to have a coach wear diapers during a game," a rep of Mangini's said. "But to have your quarterback not only wearing them but going through them during a game is not worth it." 

He went on to say that even with some of his throws, you could tell exactly when he made a no-no in his uniform.

There are some more teams that could have interest in a backup.  Although Kyle Orton is still unproven, the Denver Broncos still would have him first on the depth chart.  In addition, with Chris Simms signed as the No. 2, Favre would have to compete for a job as the third stringer.

What about the Raiders?  No, having a quarterback who's older than the Skeletor like owner isn't such a good idea.

The Cincinnati Bengals have recently had some financial problems, and say that if Favre is willing to donate his entire salary from last year's stint with the Jets, they would consider naming him their starter until Carson Palmer fully heals.  Then once Palmer is able to play, Favre would have to put down another payment.

So it seems Favre may not be playing again in the NFL, at least not the way he wants to.  He may have to make a few concessions, the least of which a starting job, but he shouldn't worry.  If Matt Millen can get a broadcasting job, Favre should at least be able to get something.  And once the Arena Football League resumes play, there's always that option.