Arsenal Transfer News: Strong Summer Will Cement Arsene Wenger's Future

Justin Onslow@@JustinOnslowNFLContributor IIJune 24, 2013

The best way to ensure job security is to be the best at what you do. In the case of Arsene Wenger, being the best means bringing a title to Emirates.

The Gunners experienced their share of success last term in notching a fourth-place finish in the Premier League and a Champions League berth. With that finish, the Emirates boss now has an opportunity to build on his club’s success with a lucrative summer transfer period.

According to John Cross of the Daily Mirror, Wenger will have roughly £70 million with which to work this summer in an attempt to bring in top talent for next term. With financial backing and plenty of targets, Wenger has no reason not to spend.

It’s no secret the 63-year-old hasn’t been the most frivolous spender in his time with Arsenal. Despite an overwhelming outcry to make a splash on the transfer market, Wenger has opted to build young and cheap, eying financial sustainability for his club.

But with money to spend, Wenger no longer needs to pinch every penny for his transfer talent. In fact, what he does with that £70 million could very well seal his fate at Emirates.

According to Simon Mullock of the Daily Mirror, Arsenal have intentions of retaining Wenger beyond his current contract, set to expire in 15 months. As Mullock noted, Paris Saint-Germain hope to steal Wenger away from Emirates, and the Gunners aren’t likely to let that happen:

Arsenal will step up efforts to keep Arsene Wenger at the Emirates to ward off interest from Paris Saint-Germain...

Wenger’s contract expires in October, but Arsenal will make ­intense efforts to persuade him to sign a new deal.

The plan is to keep him for another three years at least, and the club hierarchy hope that the massive finances made available to Wenger this summer will act as proof of their ambition.

Those “massive finances” give Wenger about 70 million reasons to want to stick around, but what he does with that money could also determine how likely the Gunners are to keep him around going forward.

If Wenger’s contract remains untouched until after next term, the long-time Emirates boss will be under a lot of pressure to build and sustain a winning club in 2013-14. If he fails to make a splash on the transfer market and the results are less than stunning next term, Arsenal may not feel as strongly about retaining him when his contract runs dry.

But Wenger is also in strong position to make good on his promise to spend. It looks like he’s already off to a good start.

Arsenal are closing in on signing Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain, and as noted by Dave Kidd of the Daily Mirror, Higuain’s arrival could signal a massive change in how Wenger and Arsenal do business:

Because the news of Gonzalo Higuain’s imminent arrival at the Emirates Stadium is a game-changer for Arsenal.

It will be the first time since the ­arrival of Dennis Bergkamp, a year before Wenger’s appointment, that the Gunners have signed a genuine A-list star at the peak of his powers.

It will smash Arsenal’s ‘socialist’ wage structure into smithereens and explode the club’s cautious transfer policy.

With money to spend, there’s no reason to not make a big move in signing Higuain. In doing so, Wenger could be setting in motion a series of events that could keep him at Emirates for even longer.

In order to keep pace with the giants of the Premier League, Arsenal has to keep pushing forward with big signings this summer. Failing to do so would not only jeopardize Arsenal's future success, but also Wenger’s career with a club that finally appears to be back in position to make a run at the EPL title in the very near future.


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