LeBron X Denim Shoes Shooting: Violence Mars Release of King James' New Kicks

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 22, 2013

image from Nice Kicks on Instagram
image from Nice Kicks on Instagram

The release of the LeBron X Denim shoe has been blemished by violence in Little Five Points, Ga., per Wayne Washington of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Early Saturday morning outside of Wish clothing store, a man who witnesses say tried to rob customers waiting in line to purchase the shoes was shot and killed by one of the patrons.

The unidentified man who fought back is said to have had a license to carry a concealed weapon, per a video news report featured in the aforementioned AJC article.

In what some may consider a bizarre occurrence—considering the veracity of the morning's events—the man who killed the assailant returned to line after the shooting.

Per the news report, none of the other customers who were waiting in line left after the violent events occurred. 

The new shoes were released at noon on Saturday as scheduled. The line of patrons had been waiting for days to get a pair of the shoes that will only be released in limited quantities, per NiceKicks.com.

The shoe retails for a hefty $180, and while it would have been a popular item amongst sneakerheads in any situation, LeBron James and the Miami Heat's recent coronation of NBA Finals MVP and NBA champion, respectively, only augmented the demand for the shoe.

Beyond the exclusivity and association with King James, the major appeal of the shoe is in its unique design. The majority of the sneaker is made of denim, and it features fireberry colored soles and insoles.

To accent the dark denim look, the tongue, laces and lining are made of premium hazelnut leather.

Assuming every detail reported is true, this unfortunate story seems to be about the deceased robber attempting to take advantage of a situation, not the shoes or LeBron James. Hopefully, the rest of the releases worldwide are much safer than this one.


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