Lakers-Rockets Live Twitter Event: First Half Recap

Tim CarySenior Analyst IMay 5, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 03:  Pau Gasol #16 of the Los Angeles Lakers drives past Yao Ming #11 of the Houston Rockets during the second half at Staples Center on April 3, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  The Lakers defeated the Rockets 93-81. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) writer Tim Cary is providing instant analysis of tonight's Lakers-Rockets Game One on Twitter.  Follow along at or search for the hashtag #LALHOU.

Here's how the first half went down, in episodes of 140 characters or less:

Ready for the #Lakers and #Rockets: It's #NBA #Playoffs time. Live-tweeting all send in your thoughts, just use hashtag #LALHOU.

It's past 10:30pm in Ohio and time 4 live-tweeting! To summarize: #Lakers fan on couch with instant analysis, comments, & feedback. #LALHOU

As in any #Lakers gm, interested 2 see if Kobe's in playmaker or scorer mode early. Also curious who defends KB. Artest from get-go? #LALHOU

Storyline 2 in this Lakers fan's mind: how does Bynum start off? He was both a non-factor and a non-starter for most of 1st series. #LALHOU

Sounds like Kevin Harlan to me. #LALHOU

Announcers: Harlan, Collins, & Sager. Starters: Fish, Bryant, Bynum, Gasol, Ariza; Brooks, Artest, Yao, Scola, & Battier. #LALHOU

#LALHOU I've finally found something brighter than the Lakers' home court. Yep, it's Craig Sager's suit. Time for tipoff.

Gasol/Scola should be an interesting matchup at the "4" position. Pau has the size on the block, but Scola's quickness could hurt. #LALHOU

Good step-thru move by Bynum down low. Important for Andrew not to try and out-finesse Yao. Feel free to "throw it down, big man". #LALHOU

@julieunplugged You watching the #Lakers and #Rockets? If you are, send your thoughts along with the #LALHOU hashtag. Look forward 2 it.

With Kobe not feeling 100%, look for him to use all available energy on the offensive end. He likes to play a 1-man floater defense. #LALHOU

Nasty dunk alert: Ron Artest takes Ariza to hole, and result isn't pretty for purple and gold fans. At least it should fire Kobe up. #LALHOU

Definitely a different look when Bynum's not on the floor. Odom/Scola @ the 4 is actually a more even matchup there for both teams. #LALHOU

If you look up "overpassing" in Webster, you'd see Ariza's mug shot next to that forced fast-brk bounce 4 Gasol that skittered away. #LALHOU

My only soft spot for the #Rockets is C Landry...hard to root against a Boilermaker. Maybe Landry can drop 30 and LAL still win? :) #LALHOU

Ariza's hustle is WAY underrated. In a very "veteran" (read: OLD) lineup for the Lakers, he makes things happen, esp. in transition. #LALHOU

It's the first time Fisher has posted up on the block the ENTIRE year...the least the refs could do is give him 1 of those 2 fouls. #LALHOU

@petelares Your Rockets look good so far...really stepping up on the defensive end. Thx for tweeting along w/ the hashtag! #LALHOU

Official memo 2 Phil Jackson: Battier likes to shoot 3-ptrs from corners a la B. Bowen. Please refrain from allowing him to do this. #LALHOU

19-12 at the commercial break. Watching @OfficialRockets and @Lakers on TNT? Tweet along w/ me and send your thoughts tagged #LALHOU.

Sasha checks in. Sasha shoots. Elapsed time: milliseconds. Fans not surprised. #LALHOU

Kobe literally walked toward that rebound. Not a good sign on "laryngitis" front. Kobe and Rockets jawing at each other. Good sign. #LALHOU

@lakers_nation Could you imagine the media coverage if that actually was the illness Kobe's fighting? Not likely, though. #LALHOU

Eight-tenths of a second left. What's the odds any other player besides Kobe gets the inbounds pass? I'd triple-team him. #LALHOU

#LALHOU Shane Battier looks like he took a wrong turn and ended up at the Hatton/Pacquiao fight. The blood matches the jersey nicely, FWIW.

@jadande Do Lakers look as rusty live in Staples as they do on TV? Using hashtag #LALHOU 2 live-tweet gm, interested to hear your thoughts.

21-18 Rockets at end of 1st qtr. Not sure if Lakers' poor performance should be attributed to Houston's D or Lakers' rust, or both? #LALHOU

Sager interviewing Adelman right now. Odds on Adelman criticizing Sager's choice of Lakers-yellow suit coat? Fifty-fifty. #LALHOU

@jalenrose Does Kobe look slowed by illness so far, in your opinion? Should he look to score or pass 2nite? Enjoy the game... #LALHOU

May not be popular sentiment, but I think #Lakers' title hopes rest squarely on outside shooting of Ariza, Brown, Fisher, & Vujacic. #LALHOU

Kobe will put up points, and to some extent, bigs will cancel each other out (Yao in this series, then others). 3-pt shooting's key. #LALHOU

@Broward83 Seems like #Rockets work inside-out better when Yao's actually on the floor, w/o him now, it's bogging down more. Agree? #LALHOU

What I've been waiting 2 see. Bynum, isolated on block, smaller defender. RESULT: near-travel, no confidence, & air ball. Uh-oh. #LALHOU

@LisaHorne Did you decide if you're cheering for the #Rockets? And if so, did you admit it to your husband? Live-tweeting tagged at #LALHOU.

#LALHOU Bynum redeems himself with face-up jumper over Yao, who promptly answers @ other end. Next few minutes key in "battle of the bigs".

Bynum again. Rebound & the hoop. #Lakers fan in Ohio exhales, and heads for third can of Diet Mountain Dew. Home team within six. #LALHOU

Am I the only 1 clueless about Phil's rotation scheme? Is Powell in/out? Farmar? Bynum's a starter, then isn't, then is. Oh boy. #LALHOU

Absolutely great view from courtside camera. Mr. cameraman Gary, meet Ariza's right knee. Up close and in living color. #LALHOU

Lakers shooting 14-38 from field, 0-7 from three. All the way back to Naismith, shooting ball INTO basket has been key to victory. #LALHOU

And if the #Rockets keep dunking the ball, their FG% will stay exponentially higher than struggling #Lakers. Staples fans nervous. #LALHOU

Back-to-back made shots 4 Lakers. That's been about as common tonight as plays w/o blood! #LALHOU No blood, no foul in the #playoffs, right?

Lakers down 4 with ball in final minute, with how poor they've shot, should feel good about score. And #Rockets should be concerned. #LALHOU

Forgive me as a fan if I get ticked off when my favorite team fouls the opposition 30 feet away from the basket. Save it 4 the dunks #LALHOU

RT @pete_lares "nice 1-sided triangle O: iso kobe, everyone clear out. genius" Um, that's been our version since day Shaq got traded.#LALHOU

@Broward83 asked me "Why isn't Phil trying2 front Yao?" Unfortunately, I've never been able 2 answer any Q that involves words WHY & PHIL :)

Halftime in Los Angeles...time 2 post a recap of the live-tweets so far on @bleacherreport and then back for 2nd half; see you then! #LALHOU

Remember, for second-half playoff action, follow or search #LALHOU.  The full live-Twitter transcript will be posted on after the game.


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