Chris Bosh Tells Fans Who Left Game 6 Early to Stay Home for Game 7

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2013

Chris Bosh has a message for the "fans" who filed out of their seats when the Miami Heat were trailing the San Antonio Spurs late in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals.

"For all those guys who left, don't come back for Game 7," Bosh said, according to Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun.

Good for Bosh. He showed some backbone at the right time.

More than a few of the Miami not-so-faithful fled from the AmericanAirlines Arena inside a minute to play when it was a two-possession game.

Two possessions. Anything can happen at that point. The Heat were a pair of threes and a botched free throw away from tying it up—which is exactly what they did.

LeBron James and Ray Allen knocked down a couple of treys to tie the game up at 95, and the Heat proceeded to win in overtime to force a Game 7.

Meanwhile, those who began their journey home tried to get back in and ultimately couldn't.

Serves them right, if you ask me. 

Down by 10 or more inside of a minute to go during a regular-season game, feel free to head home early. But this wasn't a regular-season game, and the Heat weren't down by 10. It's the NBA Finals, a time when a little hometown appreciation should be shown even in the face of a loss.

Those outside of Miami would be free to call the Heat a failure had they lost Game 6. Alleged diehard fans have an unspoken obligation to their team, though—the same team that was (and still is) battling through their third consecutive finals.

You don't just leave. You applaud them, maybe offer up a "good job, good effort" if the mood strikes. Don't, under this particular circumstance, leave.

For those who did, watching Game 7 from home makes a lot more sense. Plopped down on the couch is where you'll have control of the remote, leaving you free to remain loyal to your team when it's most convenient for you.