LeBron James on Unbelievable Game 6: 'By Far the Best Game I've Been a Part Of'

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LeBron James on Unbelievable Game 6: 'By Far the Best Game I've Been a Part Of'
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LeBron James has been in the league for a decade now. He is playing in his fourth NBA Finals and has had his fair share of high-stakes games in the process, but he said after Game 6 that his career hit a peak.

It wasn't necessarily the way he played that was at a peak—he was talking about the level of intensity, entertainment and terrific play from both teams that really saw a high on Tuesday night.

There are definitely examples of games in which he performed better—Game 5 against Detroit in 2007 comes to mind, as does last year's Game 6 in the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Boston Celtics—but as far as overall quality is concerned, LeBron may have hit the nail right on the head.

This game really had everything you could ask for from NBA Finals—runs from either team, incredible defense met with equally impressive offense, a magnificent game from a 37-year-old man, ridiculous three-point shots, an extremely involved crowd (although a handful of people left with the Spurs up by five in the fourth quarter) and, of course, overtime.

From the start of the fourth quarter all the way through the end of overtime, every possession was high in intensity and extremely important to the outcome of the game.

There was an outcome that was all but decided, a thrilling comeback and a splendid overtime period giving us a solid ending.  

If there was one complaint someone could have about the game, it would be the referees sticking their noses into it just a bit too much, and perhaps, a bit too little near the end.

Otherwise, what we had in Game 6 was a near-perfect basketball game, at least from an entertainment standpoint.

Let's just hope that Game 7 can live up to the hype and rival what we saw on Tuesday night.

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