Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Champions 2010!! I LIED.

Sheldon MohammedContributor IMay 4, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - JUNE 06:  General Manager, Brian Burke of the Anaheim Ducks hoists the Stanley Cup after his team's victory over the Ottawa Senators 6-2 during Game Five of the n June 6, 2007 at Honda Center in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

There has been so much talk about how Brian Burke will bring the Cup back to Toronto.

The truth is that this will not happen. The Irishman was given a team with a lot of talent when he signed with the Ducks.

I'll give him credit, though. Bringing in Niedermayer and Pronger took the team to a whole new level, but that's not the case in Toronto. The Leafs have no talent and the only hope comes from the blue line with Luke Schenn and Dimitri Vorobiev. I doubt that Burke will bring us the cup.

There is much talk about the Leafs going for John Tavares. Why wouldn't they be talking about it? He's the best player in the draft, the hometown boy, and his favorite team is the Leafs. It's similar to when everyone believed Sydney Crosby should play for the Habs a few years back.

I know that he could be the Leafs' saviour, but there are more risks than rewards in drafting him. The financial cost could be tremendous. 

I do believe that the Leafs should draft up, but maybe not that high. Matt Duchene is a great forward whom some people might consider better than Tavares. So why not go after one of the biggest dark horses in the draft? There would be a price, but not as deep as John Tavares.

Or how about Brayden Schenn? Some Leaf fans criticize him, but he can score, is a really big body, and has decent speed.

What's with the love and desire for Michael Cammalleri? Okay, I know that he can consistently put up 80 points in a year, but he is also a total of -30 in his career, not to mention down two on a good Calgary team. Yup, that's what the Leafs need—a good point getter who's defensively incapable. 

I know that he's the hometown boy, but is it really necessary to throw $5 million at a player? Shouldn't the Leafs get a good base of talent before deciding what free agents they need, and which they do not? I would rather wait until next year for that to happen.

I don't think that it's possible for them to get another top 10 pick. Rebuilding teams will not throw away their future for Kaberle, no matter how great the price. I do not care who you offer. Colorado, Ottawa, Dallas, Atlanta, New York Islanders, and even Toronto need all the help they could get. And I doubt that LA, Phoenix will trade their top pick because they can add to the plethora of talent that they already have.