LeBron James' New Sneakers Predict Second Straight Miami Heat Title

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 18, 2013

Maybe LeBron James and Nike know something we don't.

Nike's latest low-top versions of the LeBron X's are pretty wild, in the most awesome of ways possible. They're also pretty controversial.

Etched on the sock liner of one shoe is a prediction that asserts LeBron is a "2-time champion" (via Trey Kerby of TheScore.com).

Before you go assuming that this could be a future forecast of sorts—one that declares LeBron will eventually be a two-time NBA champion—take a look at the dates printed inside the other shoe.

LeBron's new kicks are making predictions that seem pretty bold at this point.

Last time we checked, the Miami Heat needed to win a pivotal Game 6 tonight just to force a series-deciding Game 7. Down 3-2, they're not even guaranteed to secure a third victory in this series, let alone be crowned champions again.

Conspiracy theories will likely run rampant like they always do from something like this, but you have to appreciate the optimism here. Confidence is just as important to title runs as defense. 

All that's left to see is if LeBron can now live up to the expectations his footwear has set for him.