Arsenal: 5 Reasons Julio Cesar Would Be a Great Arsenal Summer Signing

Charlie Melman@@charliemelmanCorrespondent IIJune 17, 2013

Arsenal: 5 Reasons Julio Cesar Would Be a Great Arsenal Summer Signing

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    The vast potential that Wojciech Szczesny has shown means that Arsenal will not be on the lookout for a new first-choice goalkeeper.

    However, there is a void behind the Pole, and healthy competition must be maintained.

    Who could be a better competitor for Szczesny's place than Julio Cesar? Read on to find out why the Brazilian is among the very best goalkeeping options that Arsene Wenger has in the transfer market this summer.


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    Obvious, but still worth mentioning.

    Cesar has oodles of experience at the very highest levels of the game and would not be fazed at all by the pressure of being an Arsenal player.

    He is, after all, a man who appeared multiple hundreds of times for Inter in Serie A and has proved himself good enough during the last decade to earn 70 caps for Brazil, a nation that has a passing interest in the game of football.

    Most importantly, Cesar could impart everything he has learned in that time at the height of the game unto Wojciech Szczesny, who is a comparative sapling.

Experience in the Premier League

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    Whether you're a flashy winger or a veteran goalkeeper, the experience of a cold, scrappy battle in January—when your friends in other countries are on holiday—is invaluable for any player who aspires succeed in the Premier League.

    Few other keepers on Wenger's shortlist can say that they have gotten embroiled in such dreary physical quarrels.

    Cesar's marriage of vast experience with one of Europe's elite and the knowledge of what it takes to play in England would allow him to seamlessly slot into Arsenal's goalkeeping ranks.

He'd Come Cheaply

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    When Queens Park Rangers were officially relegated toward the end of last season, Cesar's departure was sealed along with those of several of his soon-to-be ex-teammates.

    There is just simply no way that a player of his quality—and desire to keep playing for Brazil, with the World Cup inching ever closer—will content himself with toiling in the Championship for an entire year, at least.

    That, of course, allows the vultures to swoop in and pluck one of the best players off of a mostly dismal team. Though QPR will likely want to recoup some of Cesar's wages in his transfer fee, and he will probably not be willing to take a significant pay cut, he will certainly sell for below what the market would otherwise dictate.

    As Arsenal fans are well aware at this point, that sets Arsene Wenger's alarm bells ringing.

He'd Be Motivated

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    As heretofore mentioned, there is a certain tournament taking place next summer in Cesar's home country that he might just want to take part in.

    While Arsenal would not guarantee him the starts he undoubtedly desires, they would provide him with the platform from which he could re-establish himself as a truly big-name goalkeeper, should his performances warrant more playing time.

    Thus, both entities benefit: Cesar's work would give him the sort of stage he would not be afforded at a smaller club, while also giving Wojciech Szczesny the kick in the rear that will spur him toward realizing his potential.

    Obviously, the Pole will not simply stop working toward improvement when he is established as Arsenal's first-choice goalkeeper. But healthy competition benefits all parties.

No Other Goalkeeper Has All These Advantages

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    Try to think of one other goalkeeper that Arsenal have been linked with since the season's end who ticks all the same boxes as Julio Cesar.

    Still trying to come up with a name? Don't waste your time.

    Rene Adler? He's entering his prime, was recently Germany's No. 1 and has a contract that runs until 2017.

    Marc-Andre ter Stegen? At 21, he's even younger than Wojciech Szczesny.

    Victor Valdes? He has no Premier League experience, and would certainly not forsake the universal adulation of Catalonia for an uncertain role at Arsenal during his prime years.

    Add it all up, and Cesar is simply the best signing that Arsene Wenger could make to solve his goalkeeping conundrum and spur the development of his current and future starter.

    Of course, whether he will pull the trigger is another story entirely.