New England Patriots to Sign Tim Tebow: What This Means for Tom Brady

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IJune 10, 2013

Should Tom Brady he looking over his shoulder now that Tebow's in town?
Should Tom Brady he looking over his shoulder now that Tebow's in town?Elsa/Getty Images

News broke Monday evening that Tebowmania has finally found a home. The New England Patriots will indeed sign the former Jet, and he will be in attendance during Tuesday’s workouts (per Mike Garofalo, USA Today). 

For most people, the mere thought of Tim Tebow replacing Tom Brady is utterly and completely folly, but is it possible? Definitely, but not for awhile. 

If there are any readers ready to jump down my throat in the comments already, I don't mean that Brady's job is in danger anytime soon, or at all. If Brady is going to be replaced, it won’t be until he is ready to retire and the Patriots are in need of a new quarterback.

While Tebow might not be the best choice, he’s an interesting choice. 

It’s always been said that he could find success in the NFL, but it would have to be in the right system and situation. Well, there’s not a more perfect situation than this. 

By joining the Patriots, Tebow will not be as exposed to the media as he was in New York, and he will have a great opportunity to rebuild his career and really grow as a player. 

So, what does this mean for Brady? Well, a few things. 

First of all, there is absolutely zero chance that he will be pulled in favor of Tebow. It’s not a hard argument to make that Brady is better than Tebow, but Brady will be relied upon to help develop Tebow as a passer for sure. 

When the argument of who is the best quarterback of all time comes up, Brady is surely in the conversation, so who better to help Tebow grow? 

Back when Tebow was with the Denver Broncos, I really thought it would’ve been a smart move to let him sit behind Peyton Manning so he could learn and develop as a better quarterback overall. 

Tebow’s proven he’s a winner. He’s proven his leadership. He’s proven his worth for what he is. The problem is that many teams want to make him something he’s not. 

If he was able to sit behind Manning for a few seasons, it would have done a great deal of good. Obviously, that’s not how things panned out, but now, two years later, he’s got the same (if not better) opportunity right in front of him. 

Brady will be 36 years old by the time opening day rolls around, and it might be time to start grooming his successor. 

It’s evident that Ryan Mallett hasn’t shown enough to maintain the Patriots’ comfortability with him as their quarterback of the future, opening the door for Tebow.

I know, it sounds crazy. A team actually depending upon Tebow as their franchise’s future? It’s a definite possibility. 

If anyone can bring out the best in Tebow and turn him into a respectable NFL player, it’s Bill Belichick

All around, this was a very wise decision for New England. They have someone who can possibly come in and be “the guy” down the road, or a guy who they got for cheap and took a chance on that just didn’t work out. 

No one’s going to argue that Brady shouldn’t be on the field for the Patriots, but Belichick is a very realistic coach and is preparing for the future. 

Tebow could very well be a bust for the Patriots just like he was for the Jets, but then again, he might not be. This is a low-risk, high-reward type of deal for the Patriots, and I love it. 

Although there are tons of questions surrounding this whole situation, it’s obvious the most important one is this: Will Mallett change his number (currently No. 15 for the Patriots) now that Tebow (worn No. 15 his entire football career) is in town?