WWE News: Latest on Dolph Ziggler, Says He Hasn't Been Cleared to Wrestle

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2013


As seen on SmackDown after the rather confusing melee between Alberto Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez and 3MB, Dolph Ziggler appeared on the titantron and told ADR that he is ready to go and will return on Raw. It was reported (h/t WrestlingInc) that he passed an imPACT test last week and was cleared to wrestle.

However, it appears as if the tables have turned.

At the WWE Live events this weekend, Ziggler stated that he is not cleared after all (h/t WrestlingInc). This comes as a big blow for both his potential match against Alberto Del Rio at Payback and, more importantly, the World Heavyweight Championship scene.

Sadly, the WHC is not even missed, even though it hasn't been featured on WWE TV for a month. This has to be a clear indicator to WWE Creative that they must pull out all the stops to revive the interest and prestige of that title.

Even further, the WHC has become rather forgettable.

Does this mean that it should be extinguished? Absolutely not. The Big Gold Belt has too much prestige only to have an improper sendoff by fading into the abyss. As I've said in a previous article, both Brock Lesnar and Triple H should have the WHC around their waists between now and WrestleMania. Not only would this revive the WHC, but it would give it more focus, taking the load off the WWE Championship.

There was a time when the Undertaker, Edge, Triple H and John Cena made the WHC just as popular as the WWE Championship. Yes, the end of the split has a significant amount to do with it, but it could be done again.

This alone proves that although Ziggler is a phenomenal athlete, he is just not a big draw. If this were Chris Jericho, CM Punk or Randy Orton, their lack of appearances while holding the WHC would have been noticed. Unfortunately, WWE dropped the ball by not at least having him cut promos and come to the ring with Big E. Langston during his best-of-five series with ADR.

Do you think that Dolph Ziggler should drop the WHC? Sound off, respectfully, below.


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