Rating the Spanish Players in Their 2-1 Victory over Haiti

Tre' AtkinsonFeatured ColumnistJune 8, 2013

Rating the Spanish Players in Their 2-1 Victory over Haiti

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    Spain cruised to a 2-1 victory over Haiti in a friendly match that proved to be very exciting. Santi Cazorla and Cesc Fabregas opened the scoring in the first half, but Haiti would not give up easily.

    A late consolation goal came from Guerrier, but it was not enough to mount a comeback. Though only a friendly, this match was very important for Spain, who will now be entering the Confederations Cup.

    Several players took their chance against Haiti and will be rewarded in the long run. In this article, we will take a look at the player ratings for the Spanish side in their impressive victory.

    As always, be sure to consult the ratings key below.

    1—Absolutely awful

    2—No production whatsoever

    3—Very little production

    4—Worse than average

    5—Average performance

    6—Above average

    7—Good production

    8—Very high production

    9—Nearly perfect performance

    10—Absolute perfection

Goalkeepers and Fullbacks

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    Iker Casillas: 6/10

    The Spanish captain made his return after missing an extended amount of time injured. However, San Iker had very little to deal with in the first half. He made no mistakes, and it was great to see him back between the posts.


    Pepe Reina: 5/10

    Like Casillas, Pepe Reina had to do very little. He came out of the box a few times to collect passes but other than that rarely touched the ball. Despite a relaxed night in goal, Haiti had one real chance that Reina was not able to keep out of the net.


    Nacho Monreal: 7.5/10

    The Arsenal left-back looked very strong as he played the entire match. He locked down the right wing of Haiti and forced them into the middle of the pitch. Nacho Monreal also got forward well and was brilliant at balancing out his runs.


    Azpilicueta: 7/10

    Azpilicueta looked very capable throughout the match despite having only recently made his international debut with Spain.

    His defending was strong, and his ability to get forward also caused problems. But his lapse in the second half allowed Haiti to get behind the defense and pull one goal back.


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    Sergio Ramos: 7/10

    Sergio Ramos anchored the defense in the first half and made a few key stops. But the Real Madrid man also had a few shaky moments that could have cost La Roja severely.


    Raul Albiol: 7.5/10

    Despite never looking quite comfortable for Spain, Raul Albiol finally put in a dominant performance. He rarely put a foot wrong and made several very impressive tackles, including a few as the last man.


    Gerard Pique: 7.5/10

    The Catalan defender came on at the start of the second half and did not have much to deal with. He did make a few strong tackles and won the ball back several times.

    Gerard Pique made no mistakes in his 45 minutes and was very impressive after a rough club season.


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    Javi Martinez: 8.5/10

    The Champions League-winning midfielder was arguably the best player on the pitch against Haiti.

    Javi Martinez won back countless balls and was a very impressive pivot in place of Sergio Busquets and Xabi Alonso. He did all of the dirty work and was very influential throughout the entire match.


    Cesc Fabregas: 8/10

    Back in his normal midfield role, Cesc Fabregas looked very impressive. He was able to get involved in the attack several times and eventually scored a beautiful header to double Spain’s lead. It is clear that Fabregas is still better used in the middle of the pitch.


    Santi Cazorla: 8/10

    Cazorla has found it hard to break into the starting lineup with such strong players ahead of him. But he showed his best against Haiti. His opening goal brought life into the game early on, and the Arsenal man never missed a beat in the Spanish midfield.


    Andres Iniesta: 7/10

    The Barcelona man came on in the second half and immediately picked up the tempo for a sluggish Spanish side. His movement and passes breathed new life into La Roja, but Andres Iniesta did not have enough time to truly impact the match.


    Xavi: 6.5/10

    Xavi was brought on very late and was able to put his mark on the game. He did pull the strings in the middle of the pitch, but nothing really came from it.


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    Juan Mata: 8/10

    After countless disappointing matches for Spain, Juan Mata showed that he can fit in the style of play.

    His assist in the first half was as beautiful as it was brilliant. He linked up with the midfield very well and created space on the wings while making some very impressive chances.


    Jesus Navas: 6/10

    For all the speed Jesus Navas has, his night was far from promising. He sent in countless crosses but none ever tested the Haiti defense. For much of the match, Navas was isolated from play, but he did make up for it with speed on the defensive end.


    David Silva: 7/10

    The Manchester City man was brought on late and did not have that much time to contribute. However, he was a clear upgrade over Navas and brought more space and stability on the wing.


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    Fernando Torres: 5.5/10

    Fernando Torres has finally made his way back into the Spanish starting lineup but had little to show against Haiti.

    He was rarely part of the build-up and never appeared to be a scoring threat. His link up play lacked severely and seemed all too comfortable trying to help others score.


    Roberto Soldado: 5/10

    Roberto Soldado is still fighting for his spot in Spain’s squad, but just like Torres, he disappointed against Haiti. The Valencia man had three glaring chances to find the back of the net after he was brought on in the second half, yet he squandered the opportunities.


    How would you rate the Spanish players against Haiti? What is La Roja’s chances entering the Confederations Cup? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


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