Tracking the Best and Worst Fashion of NBA Stars Throughout the Finals

Josh Cohen@@arealjoshcohenCorrespondent IIJune 14, 2013

Tracking the Best and Worst Fashion of NBA Stars Throughout the Finals

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    With all of the stars and personalities active in the 2013 NBA Finals, it's only natural that there will be some extraordinary displays of fashion—good and bad.

    With many NBA players diving headfirst into the colorful and eclectic world of hipster fashion, the highlights and lowlights of their off-court attire have become even more pronounced. Some have transitioned to stylistic trendsetters, while others just look ridiculous.

    Outlandish outfits are what we are looking for, and we're tracking the best and worst fashion decisions the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs have to offer during these final NBA games.

Tony Parker: A-

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    Worn on June 13 after 109-93 Game 4 loss to the Miami Heat

    Tony Parker's simple, elegant ensemble is so successful, not just because it is fashionable, but because it really works for him.

    The black coat and shirt are an understated tandem, one that is especially nice on Parker's frame. Rather than overemphasize his thinness by drawing focus inward, the dark coloration and plain design accentuate his physique in a distinctly French style that Parker wears quite naturally.

    Parker is also due props for effective usage of a thin chain.

    While thicker and gaudier neckwear is more popular, Parker's unobtrusive bling fits with the minimalist outfit and serves to create depth by differentiating the shirt from the coat.

    He's not trying to make it look like he's trying too hard, but Parker's dress is subtly well thought out.

LeBron James: B+

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    Worn on June 9 after 103-84 Game 2 win over the San Antonio Spurs

    LeBron James has done a lot of wearing jackets over t-shirts throughout the playoffs, with mixed results so far.

    It seems as if the approach to making it work is two-fold: don't wear outlandish t-shirts, and accessorize appropriately.

    The black t-shirt underneath the black jacket is perfect. There's no statement being made, it's just an attempt to make a regular old t-shirt look good.

    Add a long gold chain that is both not too thick and not too long, and he's got himself a solid outfit.

    It's too hard to tell just what the pins are that he's wearing, but Iet's just pretend that they're pictures of Mario Chalmers, Chris Bosh and Juwan Howard. That totally brings any outfit up a notch.

Tony Parker: B+

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    Worn on June 16 after 114-104 Game 5 win over the Miami Heat

    If we're talking about consistency on the court, Tony Parker has had a tough time with his hamstring continually giving him troubles throughout this series.

    However, as far as consistency off the court goes, Parker is second to none in the NBA Finals.

    There was nothing particularly special about his suit following Game 5, especially when you compare it to Game 3 when he had a funeral for Miami's defense.

    After Game 5, Parker had a party for San Antonio's offense with his spotted tie and watch the size of the lid on a Gatorade bottle.

    It seems that Parker cares not for the fashion "trends" in today's NBA, and he shares that attribute with Tim Duncan.

    The only difference is that Duncan looks like he's still hanging onto the fashion trends of the late '90s, while Parker is putting suits on and going to work.

LeBron James: B-

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    Worn on June 6 after 92-88 Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs

    One of the greatest tricks LeBron James is able to pull off with this outfit is going opulent and understated at the same time.

    The teal shirt and gold jewelry complement each other nicely, especially the way the watch and bracelet match the insignia on his chest. From a color coordination standpoint, the simple polo tee and the gaudy accessories work surprisingly well.

    That said, the elements don't mesh perfectly.

    The armwear draws too much attention, in no small part because the shirt is pretty dull. That color would be nice with a darker jacket over it to make it pop, but it doesn't serve as a great base.

    All in all, a somewhat inspired and not-half-bad attempt by LeBron, but nothing special, either.

LeBron James: B-

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    Worn on June 16 before Game 5 against San Antonio Spurs

    The white pants and green shirt definitely work well together, there's just something about the shirt that's looking a bit off.

    Perhaps it's the fact that there are buttons going nearly all the way down the front of the shirt, but stopping just above his naval, or it's the two, slightly darker green stripes traveling the length of the shirt.

    All that, plus the tight neck seems a bit uncomfortable, and a bit off-kilter without a collar there to keep things in place.

    On the positive side of things, he matched his headphones to his outfit, so that's cool.

Chris Bosh: C

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    Worn on June 16 before Game 5 against San Antonio Spurs

    Chris Bosh seems keen on being the goofy guy of the group, never caring just how much his outfit works, as long as the pieces that make it up look nice individually.

    The plaid pants aren't terrible, but they definitely contrast drastically with the white shirt and the slightly off-white tie.

    His tie clip seems unnecessary without a jacket, and the leather backpack is a bit too much, but he's got a goofy face that helps him make it work.

Tim Duncan: C-

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    Worn on June 6 after 92-88 Game 1 win over the Miami Heat

    Because it's Tim Duncan, and because of the jeans he wore with it when he spoke to the TNT crew, this shirt becomes a plaid masterpiece of hysterical blandness.

    Of course Tim Duncan is wearing this. Of course.

    And you know he didn't buy that shirt just for the style appeal—or if he did, it was back in 1995, when he was at Wake Forest.

    No, that's a shirt Duncan has worn a lot, for the comfort first and foremost. Tim Duncan has no need for press-conference flash. 

    Even for the hint of maroon, this shirt is just executing the fundamentals and getting the job done. But if you find Duncan's fashion game boring, you can't knock his consistency.

    Anyway, something like this otherwise wouldn't register a blip here, but on principle, it's too funny on Duncan to ignore.

Tim Duncan: C-

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    Worn on June 16 after 114-104 Game 5 win over the Miami Heat

    There's a bit loose, there's baggy, and then there's the shirt that Duncan rocked in his post-game press conference following San Antonio's huge win over the Heat in the game of the Finals in San Antonio.

    If Duncan tucked this bad boy into his pants, he could easily walk into a Wal-Mart, stuff a frozen turkey into the neck hole of the shirt and it would look almost no different.

    At some point we've got to accept that Duncan will wear what Duncan wants to wear, and that's generally the same thing every day: a plaid shirt, some jeans that are somehow too big despite his mile-long inseam, and a befuddled look.

    The Big Fundamental will continue to go back to his old fundamental clothing choices, and it's a part of his charm.

Chris Bosh: D+

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    Worn on June 13 after 109-93 Game 4 win over the San Antonio Spurs

    Chris Bosh's on-court game isn't the only thing that's going off this postseason. The shirt-and-tie combo is wrong here on a number of levels.

    For starters, short sleeves and neckties just don't mesh well, especially for a lanky gentleman like Bosh. The muted grey and pink aren't complementing each other, either, creating a very bland color scheme that doesn't help anything here.

    This particular shirt also looks like it's suffocating him.

    Between the tie and the buttoned-down collar, Bosh's neck looks completely constricted. The symmetry between the collar buttons and the double breast pockets just tightens the look even more, which is not what Bosh needs.

Dwyane Wade: D

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    Worn on June 16 before Game 5 against San Antonio Spurs

    Dwyane Wade showed up to the AT&T Center looking as if he just didn't care before Game 5, but at the same time his outfit looked like it took a lot of effort in order to look disheveled.

    It looks like he's taking keys from LeBron and Russell Westbrook from earlier in the playoffs by rocking a vest, but he doesn't do anything to keep his shirttail in check.

    There's a lot of tacky crammed into an otherwise charming outfit.

    Lucky for him, Chris Andersen rolled up soon after and looked completely ridiculous to make everybody forget about the conveniently frumpy Wade. 

LeBron James: D

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    Worn on June 13 after 109-93 Game 4 win over the San Antonio Spurs

    LeBron came ready for war against the Spurs, but he looks more ridiculous than intimidating in this outfit.

    Let's start with the basic dynamic of the tight short-sleeve tee and the loose, open vest.

    The shirt is a simple and effective fashion decision for James; it draws attention to his arm muscles, and that's always a good decision for him. However, the vest billows and pulls focus back to the torso, which is distracting in context, especially with the chain creating strange contouring in the neck area.

    Black, camouflage and gold should be workable together, but these particular articles don't. At least James is trying, but his effort backfired here.

Chris Andersen: F

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    Worn on June 16 before Game 5 against San Antonio Spurs

    LeBron James' camouflage vest that he wore to the press conference following Miami's Game 4 win must have been little more than a preview to Chris Andersen's arrival to Game 5.

    Generally Andersen shows up in an unassuming t-shirt and jeans, but it must have been a bit nippy in San Antonio on Sunday evening, because he showed up ready to hunt hogs rather than play basketball.

    That super-realistic camo is fine if you're out in the wilderness trying to stay invisible to animals, but before a basketball game, accompanied by a pair of LeBron X PS Elites, it just looks a bit goofy.