2013 MLB Draft: Will Hunter Dozier Be the Biggest Bust of the Top 10?

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2013

The Cincinnati Reds took Chad Mottola over Derek Jeter, and the Kansas City Royals are hoping that Hunter Dozier doesn't turn into a historic bust as well.
The Cincinnati Reds took Chad Mottola over Derek Jeter, and the Kansas City Royals are hoping that Hunter Dozier doesn't turn into a historic bust as well.Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Kansas City Royals surprised everyone by taking Hunter Dozier with the eight pick in the 2013 Major League Baseball draft, and the shortstop will turn out to be the biggest bust of the top 10.

It's tough to predict which player will be the biggest disappointment, but the Royals overreached to take Dozier so early in the draft.

Bleacher Report's Tristan Thornburgh has kept track of each pick of the first round, and the Royals' first pick has been the surprise of the draft. With so many talented players available, this pick could come back to haunt the team in the future.

Mark Appel (Houston), Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs) and Jonathan Gray (Colorado) were the first three picks, which came as no surprise to anyone. With Austin Meadows, Dominick Smith and D.J. Peterson still on the board, the Royals went for Dozier instead.

Kansas City has drafted some quality players in recent years, but they took a big chance this pick. They probably could have snagged him with the No. 34 pick. Now they must deal with the backlash coming from this pick.

Keith Law of ESPN was one of many experts who had Dozier going much later in the draft.

ESPN's Jim Bowden, who has been through plenty of drafts, was extremely critical of the Royals.

It's easy to criticize a team for taking such a risk. There were so many great prospects still available, and Dozier was thought to be a borderline first-round pick heading into Thursday.

Some writers, like Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, have been told that despite the talent Dozier has but still see it as a stretch.

The shortstop out of Stephen F. Austin is no slouch, but he will have a tough time living up to being a top-10 pick. Also, he may shift over to third base. 

His numbers as a senior were impressive. The 21-year-old hit .396/.482/.755 and hit 17 home runs. His offense will need to keep improving at the plate, and he should be able to hit for power when he finally suits up.

Dozier has a strong arm, but he probably won't be staying at shortstop. At 6'4", 220 pounds, he doesn't have the best range. That will move him over to third, which will help him make plays with better frequency.

It's tough to wonder why the Royals would take such a big risk at No. 8. One reason that makes sense is Dozier should be easy to sign. The eighth pick is slotted for $3,137,800, according to The Kansas City Star. That is much more than Dozier was expected to get.

Kansas City will expect Dozier to sign for less than what the spot is slotted for. It's a smart idea to make sure the Royals can sign their first pick, but it's risky to pass up more talented players.

Bryant and Colin Moran (Miami) were two of the better hitters in the draft. Clint Frazier (Cleveland) and Meadows(Pittsburgh) are considered to be five-tool players, so it's a mystery as to why the Royals would take Dozier over a guy like Meadows.

The other position players in the top 10 look like great picks, but Kansas City has many people scratching their heads.

Picks this high should be able to change a franchise. Dozier has the ability to be a good player, but he doesn't have the talent at the plate to carry a lineup the way Bryant will be able to. 

Whether it was to guarantee that they'd be able to sign their first pick or they honestly thought he was the best player available, the Royals will have to live with their selection.

Dozier has good power and plays solid defense, but he doesn't have the potential that most top-10 picks have. He could have a good career, but he will be the most disappointing top-10 pick of the 2013 draft.


 *All stats are courtesy of Stephen F. Austin's official website