Denver Nuggets Players React to George Karl's Firing as Head Coach

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2013

George Karl and the Denver Nuggets have parted ways, as tweeted by Adrian Wojnarowski, and the coach's former players had plenty to say about it.

Kenneth Faried thought it was worth mentioning that the Nuggets showed Karl the door just after they bid adieu to Masai Ujiri, the man responsible for assembling Denver's current roster.

Ty Lawson told Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post that this was "crazy" and "unexpected."

Quincy Miller also couldn't believe it.

To be fair, it wasn't a complete surprise. The Nuggets already allowed Ujiri to shuffle off to Toronto. With Karl entering the last year of his deal and seeking an extension, his departure stays in line with Denver's progressive thinking.

Speaking of thinking, free-agent-to-be Andre Iguodala now has some reflecting of his own to do.

Iggy was always expected to opt out of the final year of his deal, but his future with the organization is even murkier now that the Nuggets have lost both Karl and Ujiri.

At this stage of his career, Iguodala wants to get paid, but stability is important as well.

Also important? Putting this in perspective, which no member of the Nuggets did better than Evan Fournier.

Credit Fournier with getting it right—not in spelling, but in meaning. The Frenchman captured the essence of Denver's latest dealings almost perfectly in just three letters.

Only one other acronym can truly sum up what's going on with these Nuggets better than his three-letter musing did: WTF.