The Greatest Playoff Series Culminates Tonight

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The Greatest Playoff Series Culminates Tonight
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Well, by this time, everyone is pretty keen to the fact that the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics are in the midst of one of the greatest NBA Playoffs series of all time. And I am fully aware of that.
It may contest for being one of the greatest series in all of sports...when it comes to a close. The numbers are unreal. The play is unreal. The storylines are unreal.
Going into Game 7 Saturday night, it's actually almost Game 8. With seven overtime periods in the first six games, the teams have played 35 extra minutes. 
Grueling, both physically and mentally, is the only way to describe it. 
Today, I seemed to be comparing it a lot to UCONN-Syracuse's six-OT game last month in the Big East Conference. Now let's not get carried away, though. That game was simply ridiculous. But, one important thought is worth noting. 
This playoff series, now heading towards its seventh game, means these players are playing with all-out performances, and testing their limits again just two days later.
I can't fathom what it really feels like for Derrick Rose and Co. to go through a grinding effort like this continually.
There have been some pretty amazing NBA playoff series in recent years. But because of my relative young age, I can't compare it to decades of great series. But one recent series sure comes to mind.
The 2002 Western Conference series between the Lakers and Kings is also up there. From Horry's game-winning three pointer in game 5 to the exciting conclusion in overtime in game 7, that series captivated us all. Chicago-Boston in 2009 is shaping up to be just as good. 
Other than that certain series, I can say this one has become one of the more enticing of its generation. Overtime after overtime has simply kept all sports fans so entertained. 
Looking at Thursday's game, I can honestly say I didn't want it to end. 
Tonight, we will be witnessing the conclusion of the one of the greatest Playoff series of all time. I just hope we see it end in overtime.
I mean it's only fitting, right?

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