WWE: Can the McMahons' Fighting Save Monday Night Raw?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 5, 2013


While it was only the first segment of the program on Monday Night Raw, The confrontation between Triple H, his wife, Stephanie McMahon, and Vince McMahon was something the WWE needed as a rush of adrenaline to boost sagging story lines.

The Shield and Daniel Bryan may be excelling while in the ring and with their current storylines, but other wrestlers (Sheamus, Jack Swagger) are trying to do too much, too soon and way too often.

I think that spells out confusion and boring all in one sentence.

Any time a McMahon is in a confrontation, especially when they fight with each other (some of the best reality television has come at the expense of seeing any one or all of them in the ring) it becomes must-see drama. Last night may not have been as awesome as in past arguments, but seeing Stephanie at odds with her husband over his “health” could be the kick start of a angle over “family” issues or in this case, Triple H’s “concussion” angle.

For the record, I would have liked to have seen more of a confrontation between Stephanie and Triple H. It could have added more drama to the show.

The meat of Raw has been so unevenly cooked lately, that the presence of anything outside the realm of normal is an added bonus. I realize I have said I agree with the idea that the WWE is moving forward and thinking ahead, but the matches that are ongoing and stale just bore me to pieces. Daniel Bryan is the best singles wrestler today; The Shield, the best tag team.

All too often, they meet and their greatness shines, but they also do not get enough time in the ring with other opponents.

That is why Bryan’s performance against Ryback Monday night rocked the Casbah and any other club that would have been appropriate. But add discomfort in the ranks with the McMahons and you have gold.

That is the magic of Vince McMahon. His forward thinking may be what this company needs, but at 67 years old, he should not be the point man of everything great in this company. That’s what a creative team is paid for.

Since Vince McMahon has decided Triple H will not wrestle the next two weeks against his newest adversary, Curtis Axel, it will interesting if a battle consuming is son-in-law and more importantly, Triple H and his wife, Stephanie, leads to anything worthy of an “Attitude Era” showdown.