Twitter Calls out LeBron James' Latest Flop in Game 6, Is a Fine Next?

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For the second time this series—Indiana Pacers fans will debate that number—LeBron James has been caught in the act of a rather egregious flop. As one might expect, the Twittersphere instantly responded to LeBron's new profession.


During the third quarter of Game 6 between the Pacers and Miami Heat, the reigning MVP once again resorted to unfavorable tactics. While his overall performance was worthy of praise, the act of flopping marred his extraordinary play.

According to one Heat beat writer—we can't call bias now, can we?—James is now the "King" of something else.

This one might cost him.

James was fined earlier in the series for flopping during Game 4, hitting the ground at the same time as David West. The issue was, neither West nor LeBron made contact with one another, and were thus scrutinized for their dirty ploy.

James and West were fined $5,000 for their offenses, but that number could double for LeBron after this latest incident.

For what it's worth, a fifth offense could lead to a suspension—we're far from that point, but the mere thought of LeBron being lost for a game should trouble the Heat.

As one might expect, the fired-up Pacers fans brought some heat of their own, raining down with boos and taunting chants. One of those chants just so happened to be one all too familiar to the Heat.


If the shoe fits, wear it.

Not everyone was against James in this instance, as many were focused on the alternate reason for his dropping to the floor. Some folks were even concerned for his well-being, questioning whether he could actually stand.

The ever-sarcastic "faint" theory.

Miami better get him tested for concussion symptoms.

LeBron hasn't done himself any favors in this regard, referring to flopping as a fair way to gain an advantage. This comes after the NBA struck down on flopping, creating a new policy and targeting any who use the tasteless approach to the game.

Something tells us this offense will result in a $10,000 fine, but should it? Hit the comments section and let us know!

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