Complete Scouting Report for Ohio State Target 5-Star CB Marshon Lattimore

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIMay 30, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Marshon Lattimore is the No 1 player from the state of Ohio, according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings, so naturally, Ohio State is on top of his interest list (247Sports).

In fact, Ohio State is the only team on his interest list.

He's from Cleveland, Ohio., and he's the No. 5 cornerback recruit in the nation, also according to the 247Sports Composite, so he'd be a huge recruit for Urban Meyer and his staff to land.

As it stands, it doesn't appear as if Meyer has much competition.

  • Name: Marshon Lattimore
  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  • School: Glenville High School
  • Position: CB/ATH
  • Height: 6'0" (247Sports)
  • Weight: 175 lbs (247Sports)





As a cornerback recruit, Lattimore is extremely athletic. His footwork is elite, and he has the ability to change direction on a dime. That will help him break on routes or recover, flip his hips and get vertical with a receiver.

He has elite speed and leaping ability, so he'll be able to stick with wideouts going vertical on deep routes and make a play on the ball. Lattimore is also physical though, and his length and aggressiveness will set him apart. He does a great job of jamming receivers at the line. He punches out of his low stance, gets to the chestplate and extends his arms to re-route. Lattimore will play strong against the run because of that. He'll be able to set the edge, squeeze the edge and make tackles in the flats or in pursuit.

Here's a look at a small example of what Lattimore can do as a cornerback. You'll see him at the bottom of the picture below at cornerback. It looks as if he's playing a hard Cover 2 defense, which means he's a flats defender. Also notice his stance. His knees are bent, his eyes are up and looking at the wideout, and his weight is on the balls of his feet:

The offense runs a jet bubble screen, so Lattimore's wide receiver will try to block him as the receiver takes the jet pass behind him in the flats. Notice how Lattimore maintains outside leverage and engages the blocker:

Lattimore is able to take his outside arm to push the blocker inside, and then he swims his inside arm over, almost like a defensive end would. This allows him to maintain outside leverage, while getting off the block:

He finishes the play coming up strong and making a hit on the ball-carrier, helping one of his teammates:

Lattimore will be able to play strong against both the run and the pass as a defender, so even though he can play wideout, he projects best as a cornerback.



There's not much negative to point out in regard to Lattimore's abilities as a cornerback. He is a fundamental corner recruit who will make a ton of plays at the college level. 

If there was something he could work on, it would be avoiding the big shoulder hit and instead wrapping up and keeping his head up, but there was only one example of that in his highlights.



Lattimore has star potential, and the easy prediction would be to say that he'll end up at Ohio State. In fact, 19 of 19 experts in the 247Sports Crystal Ball believe he will eventually commit to OSU as well.

Prediction: Ohio State


Note: All scouting and analysis done via tape study of film provided on Lattimore's 247Sports profile page. Rankings and information courtesy of 247Sports and the 247Sports Composite rankings unless noted otherwise.

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