Time to Shine: Where's the Respect for Pro Wrestling? (Part 2)

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 1, 2009

Before I start part 2, if you did not read part 1 please check it out:


Hard work pays off, or does it?

Athletes go in not only to showcase their talents, but to earn the respect of fans and others around the world.

Every sport gets there props or respect from what the athletes, and the organization achieves on a daily basis, but Pro Wrestling is a whole different story.

Basically when it comes to media outlits, the world of wrestling is treated like the ugly red headed step sister, while the real sports are praised every day.

"People respect them for what they do, absolutely. They are entertainers, actors and athletes. And people do respect them... but not when they compare them to other athletes in actual sports." Said Anthony Ascue on Where's the Respect for Pro Wrestling (Part 1).

But why is this, Anthony? What Pro Wrestlers do in the ring isn't that athletic? Not everybody has the talent to do what some of these wrestlers do every day. To be quite honest, wrestlers work harder than golfers. But just for the fact that wrestling is staged and pre-planned, they are looked down upon.

"When matches can be decided due to interference from a guy dressed as a leprechaun, dont you think this respectability is waived?" said Matt Binks on Part 1

Good point here, well not just good...very good point here, Binks. But what they do in the ring and the skills that they amaze the crowd with, shouldn't that still be respected?

Even though a leprechaun decided the victory by interference, what they do in the ring should still be acknowledged.

"But, I feel that if the actual sports stars can step in a ring with wrestlers and leave the ring, only to tell the wrestlers that it's a much tougher thing than the sports they play, then give some respect to the biz, people," said Shane in Part 1.

Thank you Shane. Because if you seriously look at some of the things that these athletes do, and if you honestly and sit there and go, "I can get up right now and do that," then something must be seriously wrong.

I bet half the people who sit on their couch saying this would even be able to do one drill to save their lives.

"Well of course, what would they be broadcast for beside that? I don't think you'll ever see ESPN do deep in-depth coverage of what so and so could do with his Money in the Bank briefcase," said Anthony Ascue in Part 1.

When you first left this comment on the first edition, I was stuck and couldn't give a good valid response. But I thought about it and here's what I think.

If you look at ESPN's Top Ten and see some of those highlights you would think hmm, I would rather see a wrestling highlight here rather than that boring play.

Just because its pre-determined as to what's going to happen, doesn't mean it is not amazing. For the fact that they know that they have to jump off a 30-foot ladder into a stack of tables (for example) makes it even crazier. How many people would actually attempt such a thing?

Wait, let me take that back, how many people would successfully pull it off without harming themselves or their fellow employee?

Wait, I have a good question here: do you know what a wrestling ring is made of? Well if you don't here is a link to fill you in, http://bleacherreport.com/articles/144536-come-with-me-as-i-expose-what-is-a-wrestling-ring-really-made-of, thanks to Blue Chip.

But basically that thing is hard like wrestling on hard ground. Now for these guys (Benjamin, Bourne, Morrison, Mysterio, and others) to go out there and even attempt to do what they do on that hard ring is well worth a Top Ten than some of the picks that actually make it.

To take it even further even MMA (which is more respected than wrestling now) don't even get highlights on ESPN, even though they have MMA Live but that is an Internet show.

Now I know Binks, your valid point was about the titles not being compared to boxing and other sports titles.

"A boxer trains hard everyday of his life to perfect his art. He becomes the best at what he does, and what happens? He becomes the champ and stays the champ until somebody better beats him.

A wrestler trains hard everyday of his life to perfect his art. He becomes the best at what he does, and what happens?

He gets ignored unless his his face fits, he can sell t-shirts or is married to a relative of the boss.

If wrestling was a real sport, which deserved the credibility of other sports titles, then someone like Benjamin would be the champ, but hes not.

Its not the wrestlers' fault. They deserve some credibility as athletes. But the titles are pretty much just props in a storyline," said Binks.

These are some great points, but I am not saying for the World Heavyweight title to be just as significant as an MMA or Boxing title but it should be looked at more than just a prop.

These guys honestly throw down a river of tears just to wrap on of those "props" around there waste. These guys give their all, and sacrifice their Wife and kids from leaving them by being on the road, just to become a top star one day.

Now although I do not hold that some passion like I once did for wrestling, it will still be with me in some way, even though that sounds so corny it is honestly true.

I really don't enjoy the program like I once did, I have found a new passion and that is MMA. But for me to say to show respect to wrestling, doesn't that at least show something?

People you are not alone, I am not a fan of the whole dumb gimmicks (vampires, leprechauns beating established wrestlers, and please don't get me started on Kizarny) I can't stand them. I also am not a fan of some of the story lines that go on.

But should they (wrestling organizations), change themselves just to fit in with the popular crowd (real sports)? No.

Well they could make the story lines and wrestling gimmicks less cheesy but they should not change one self just to be showcased like the NFL, NBA and others.

But what should happen is more respect for what these guys do on an daily basis. Yes Anthony, I do agree with you they do get respected but by wrestling fans.

If you ask a non wrestling fan who honestly cant bear the sight of wrestling what they think of it and do they respect what they do, what do you think they will say?

I honestly feel, it will be like the boxing syndrome towards MMA. If you don't understand let me explain when Mayweather was asked about the sport of MMA and how he feels about it, he obviously didnt show respect to the sport.

In the interview, Mayweather basically said that they wouldnt be able to hang with him for a minute and just called it human cockfighting.

So if we were to do that test for wrestling, we would probably get an similar reaction. Now if wrestling was truly respected than we would see more endorsement deals more companies willing to back up the world of wrestling.

Not only that organizations would be more willing to bring companies to their station, but ever since the WCW demise, they are not feeling too willing.

Will wrestling ever get the respect it deserves? Maybe, well honestly no just in my true opinion, wrestling will always be treated like the ugly redhead.

But next time when you see it while surfing the channels, think twice before you judge, maybe try and watch what they actually do (Benjamin, Morrison, HBK, Y2J, Bourne, Tyson Kidd and the list goes on), than maybe one mind set could be changed.

Until that day..............

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