Time to Shine: Where's the Respect for Pro Wrestling?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 29, 2009

Every sport has it's reward, matter of fact every task at hand has it's reward.

From a long list of sports like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and MMA there is a title or trophy to take you a step further for greatness, and to single a team or a single athlete as the best at what they do either in the world or in their respective league.

Sports Entertainment (Pro Wrestling), is no different day in, and day out athletes and entertainers come to prove that they are the best at what they do.

So why is it that Pro Wrestling is not respected like the other sports that were listed above. Many would say, "Well it's pre-determined", "It's so fake, they are not athletes, they are no better than the real athletes".

OK it is pre-determined, on who will win and how they will win but does this make their  titles less important? No.

Pro Wrestling is something you dedicate your life to, your either give it your all or get ready for a tough and bumpy road.

These "Fake" entertainers as some like to say, although preset on what will happen go in the ring and lay their bodies on the line and go on the road for hours and do it again.

Just like the NBA or NFL its no different, these guys give it their all some have great rewards as others fall and suffer from the stress and pain due to the amount of time spent on the road away from family and friends and going out there and dealing with aches and pains.

This is why the titles like the WWE title and World Heavyweight Title are just as great as fellow sports.

When you see a long journey of a Pro Wrestler's career finally reach its ultimate goal, you see it in their face that "this (title) means the WORLD to me".

Now you cant fake the tears, and sweat and energy these wrestlers give to reach this golden opportunity to be rewarded their company or brand's top prize.

Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit could be the best examples after Benoit one the title at WrestleMania 20 (although he won a title in WCW) you could tell this moment would be with them forever as they sat back and watch the veterans get their turn, it was finally their time to shine.

That moment in the ring between the to is like asking the NFL superstars what they are going to do next. That moment at WrestleMania 20 was priceless (well besides the charge of ticket or cable payment.

The WWE major titles or TNA major title or any other Pro Wrestling company major title should not seem less important than other major sports titles.

Wrestlers have put their bodies through hell and back just to get to the top of the mountain. Some still have not gotten that chance after years of diligent work, but still go out there thinking in the back of their minds maybe this will be my time.

Guys like Edge, Cena, Triple H, and even Ric Flair, a guy who won a World title 16 times, always have that gleam or glow in their eyes every time they hold a championship.

So why not more attention to the world of wrestling? Results being organized and planned, some feel its just silly and dumb or just a complete waste of time. But when it comes to being respected for what they do, they should get the same amount as other respective sports.

These guys might be silly at moments or just crazy, but at the end of the night, their goal or duty is to become one day that main Man or Woman to lead their division and carry the company on their backs.

So maybe next time when a conversation of great athletes come up maybe, just maybe you should consider a Pro Wrestler.