Scoring a Goal: Better Than Sex?

Andrew McNairSenior Writer IApril 7, 2008

Scoring a goal, to me, is simply the most satisfying rush on earth. I could even argue it’s better than sex. 

If you have to work as hard for sex as you do to score a goal, then my friend, you are with the wrong woman! 

It doesn’t matter which level you play at or even who you’re playing against, but there’s something about scoring a goal that just feels fantastic. 

Scoring a goal is arguably the best feeling, even better if you are a striker! We live on goals, with a goal on Saturday boosting us all the way till next weekend. It doesn’t even really matter how it goes in—top corner or deflectionthat feeling of relief, mixed with absolute pleasure is simply unequalled in my opinion. 

Yes, I have many more feelings to feel in the futurefatherhood for instancebut oh boy, I’ll love it just as much if not more, when my lad hits his first goal. 

I’ll leave the daddy talk there, before my girlfriend has heart palpitations or gets too excited. 

My latest goal came after two matches sitting on the sideline watching my team draw and lose. I can’t even describe the feelings that came across me as I scored inside 15 minutes on my return.

A rebound off the keeper, but it didn’t bother me and the satisfaction and sheer joy was immense! We went on to win 5-1 that day, and my goal may have been overshadowed, but not for me. 

Inside me, I know I made the greatest contribution I could make! Nothing will change that! 

I’m not going to claim I live from goal to goal or even from game to game, but when I’m lucky enough to get that feelingI treasure it! 

Here’s to scoring goals, one of life’s true pleasures...