Rick Pitino Has Been Gambling and Going to Town in Las Vegas for 5 Days

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 29, 2013

Image via @bobwarren
Image via @bobwarren

Five days in Vegas is equivalent to spending about 30 nights wandering the Atacama desert.

Most men buckle to the demands of Sin City after three days. Seventy-two hours of drinking, poolside sun and all-night gambling in the underground bunker of the Bellagio is enough to unhinge even the hardiest young man and leave him begging for cab fare to the McCarran airport.

Unless you’re Rick Pitino, that is.

According to Busted Coverage, the Louisville Cardinals head coach has been in Las Vegas since last Friday (May 24) and has since gone all-in on a five-day, Memorial Day Weekend gambling bender.

It would appear Pitino has been sighted hunkered down at blackjack games and craps tables all across town, allegedly still making the rounds and generally “bossing” it up as of 2:48 a.m. Tuesday morning.

And why not?

What about Pitino’s last year says the Cardinals coach won’t come out on top after an extended Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas? He’s already won a national championship, his horse took first at the Santa Anita and he’s already tattooed himself for the sake of his players, some of which were also in Vegas this past weekend.

Pitino was also allegedly sighted at UFC 160, according to Busted Coverage, but I’ve yet to see an image of him sitting front row of the MGM Grand Arena. I imagine him sitting close enough to get some potential blood spray, considering he clearly is a man who doesn’t just live on the edge but has built himself a cottage on it.

With that being said, there’s no use waiting to recognize that the Summer of Pitino is here—or at very least Louisville’s head coach has reached his Golden Age, where winning is no longer a habit but a way of life. 

Unfortunately for Pitino, the only place you can go from here is down. That’s not a burn, it’s just the truth. You cannot stay in Vegas forever, and you can only survive at this altitude of excellence for so long.