CM Punk to Face Chris Jericho at WWE Payback PPV

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IMay 28, 2013


Chris Jericho will wrestle CM Punk at WWE Payback on June 16 in Chicago, according to Paul Heyman, via the WWE.

The organization tweeted on Monday:

WWE Payback will showcase matches that involve wrestlers who were involved in prior feuds and story lines on Raw and Smackdown. It's an opportunity for the WWE to add more firepower to each plot and story line, ensuring fans get a heavy dose of some of their favorite rivalries.

Jericho and Punk have been involved in epic matches since Jericho returned to the canvas in January 2012. Jericho's challenge to the then-WWE champion at Wrestlemania XXVIII in Miami still resounds throughout the wrestling world.

Interestingly enough, we still don't know where Punk is exactly. Jericho was able to get to Heyman, but the whereabouts of Punk since suffering an explosive defeat to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 are still unknown.

It sets up quite the story line. Punk may not want to battle with Jericho, but he's going to have to or Jericho will win by default. Perhaps this is Jericho's way of being sneaky, pressuring Heyman into a deal knowing that Punk could never show up.

After recently defeating Fandango at Extreme Rules, Jericho is riding high, confident and ready to take on the world, and Punk. If we've learned anything from their last two matches, it promises to be an electric clash. 

After all, what better way to unearth Punk's whereabouts than to force him into a date at WWE Payback? Jericho, a superstar in his own right, has the means to avenge his defeats to Punk. Let us hope that Punk accepts the challenge once again.