Daniel Bryan: Where Is His Weak-Link Storyline Going?

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIMay 27, 2013

Photo courtesy of YouTube.com
Photo courtesy of YouTube.com

Daniel Bryan’s character is in the process of changing after Team Hell No lost the tag titles to The Shield at Extreme Rules, and one can only wonder where he’s headed.

Bryan is showing signs of aggression we haven’t seen from him since he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and became World Heavyweight champion in December 2011. After that moment, Bryan began to turn heel.

After losing the title and his pursuit of the WWE Championship was over, Bryan was forced to attend anger management classes with Kane. As many WWE fans remember, this was the start of Team Hell No.

The pair had a great reign as tag team champions, but it is over now. Ever since it ended, Bryan has been yelling and screaming. He has been telling the whole world that he is not the weak link in Team Hell No.

Regardless of whether you think he is or isn’t, this weak-link storyline could lead to one of three different scenarios.

Bryan could very well turn heel and then turn on Kane. Bryan’s uncontrollable emotions could get the best of him as he attacks his partner. This would allow Bryan to become a singles competitor and leave Kane in the dust. It would remain to be seen what WWE does with Kane though. He is at the end of his career, but seems not to be ready to call it quits just yet.

Perhaps Bryan turns heel, but Kane joins him for the ride. After all, Kane can be a destructive monster. He has certainly shown that in the past with his treatment of Jim Ross and pretty much anyone on the WWE roster.

This would make Team Hell No a heel tag team, whereas I had considered Bryan and Kane babyfaces throughout their tag title reign.

Then again, WWE could just be setting up Bryan to get attacked by Kane. If Bryan continues to get riled up, fans may expect him to burst at some point. However, the twist could come with Kane turning on Bryan and telling him that he is right. He is the weak link and Kane is sick of it.

The most important aspect of where this storyline is headed is that it allows Bryan to be pushed to the main event level he was once at. Bryan’s character became one of the most entertaining parts of every show. His catchphrases of YES! and NO! were the most popular chants since...what? Bryan’s humiliation on WWE TV and pay-per-view were WWE fans’ amusement. Combine his character with some of the best wrestling skills in the company, and you have the recipe for something quite delicious.

The Rock was on his way back to WWE and CM Punk was riding the longest WWE title reign in the last quarter of a century. The situation was not ideal for Bryan. Instead, he changed the tag team division for a short time. Now, he is ready to get back to business. Now the world title scene is much more open. He could challenge Dolph Ziggler and feud for the World Heavyweight title. Or we could see a very intriguing feud between Bryan and WWE champion John Cena.

Either way, this weak-link storyline is going to be the start of a big push for Daniel Bryan.


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