ESPN Analysts Have No Class; Darrius Heyward-Bey Does

SonnyCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

ESPN commentator Tom Jackson on the set before  the Carolina Panthers host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on  Monday Night Football Nov. 13, 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

ESPN has never been known for hiring the sharpest tools in the shed as NFL analysts.

It is one thing to hire people lucky enough to make it through 25 percent of the questions on their SAT heading, and quite another to hire people who have no class.

I just finished watching an interview on ESPN with Oakland Raiders first round draft pick Darrius Heyward-Bey, and the clowns involved at ESPN should be ashamed of themselves.

The panel included Tom Jackson, the former Denver linebacker who clearly hasn't gotten over all the thumpings the Oakland Raiders used to hand him and his Broncos when he was playing.

Cris Carter, who has never been known as the brightest guy on the block and was an admitted drug addict in his early days in the NFL, was another of the so-called "analysts" during the interview.

Trent Dilfer, the quarterback no NFL team wanted even after winning a Super Bowl, and Suzy Kolber finished out this panel of clowns.

I am not angry with what was said during the interview, but rather with the fact that a classy young man was set up by this panel of buffoons.

The whole interview started out with the members of ESPN doing a stand-up comedy spot where they mocked the classy Heyward-Bey while Jackson dug every minute of it, laughing like a hyena.

That would be low-class enough, but the part that really set me off was that this whole time, ESPN had Heyward-Bey sitting with his family waiting to be interviewed on the program.

I am sure they were watching the panel's shameful routine as it unfolded.

If the analysts had just offered their opinion on DHB, it would be one thing. But it went much further than that.

You could see and feel the panel's hate for the Oakland Raiders, and it just so happened Heyward-Bey was the unlucky fellow that allowed these low-class clowns to spout off.

When he was introduced after all the outright mean banter, he showed nothing but class. It sure is nice to see a wide receiver like him coming out of college.

The young man answered Kolber's questions as she smiled and smirked at his answers, but he withstood it all.

ESPN has gotten so bad with their bias against anything Raiders-related that people from the mainstream media are starting to see it and are calling it for what it is.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently ran an article titled, "ESPN Bias and the Oakland Raiders," where the author went on to list several commentators and the axes they have to grind with the organization.

I always thought the NFL looked out for these young men coming out of college and tried to portray itself as a classy league.

How the NFL can stand by after watching what ESPN did to this young man is beyond me. I will be writing a letter to the NFL and including a copy of the video that I have included with this story below.

This interview and clear setup of this young man not only showed ESPN's lack of class, but was simply mean-spirited and very unprofessional, whether or not they happen to like Heyward-Bey or the Oakland Raiders.

Any person with an ounce of class running through their body should see this for what it was—nothing more than a mean-spirited attempt to try to humiliate the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis.

The sad part is that they tried to humiliate a bright and young very talented wide receiver to do it.

DHB will have plenty of time to show what he can do, and I am sure he will use this as motivation when he enters the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders are bringing not only classy, but very smart players into the organization. You can add DHB to the likes of Nnamdi Asomugha and so many others that make up the Raiders roster.

I hope the people who see this video below will take the time to write the NFL and make sure this never happens to another great young man and his family again.

Contacting ESPN would be a waste. Until they wise up and clean up their act, it would be like talking to a wall. 

You can watch the interview by hitting the link below.