Bulls Vs Celtics Game 5 Recap

Vik ChokshiCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

I am so angry right now that I am shaking. I'm close to writing all sorts of expletives right now in this post, because that loss was such BS.

It has me fuming. Yes the Bulls did pull a choke job, but did you all just expect the defending Champs to just lay down at home?

Of course they had a run left in them at the end of the game. The Celts played great down the stretch and in OT, and their experience showed.

PP hit some awesome shots, so you have to give him props too. There is not much more to it on that front.

Overall tonight, there is one person to blame that sticks out to me more than any other, and that is VDN. VDN pisses me off so much.

Forget the fact that he has struggled all year long, because in the regular season it was easy to write it off the growing pains. Now for him to mess up like this in the playoffs is unacceptable.

And he has been doing it throughout the playoffs. Anyways, here are the VDN things I am fuming about from tonight's loss...

- VDN not calling any timeouts when the Celtics were making their run in the fourth quarter.

- VDN, of course, running out of timeouts at the end of the game.

- VDN, was that the best play you could draw up at the end of regulation with BGeezy just dribbling around and taking a contested fade away?

- VDN, did you tell Brad Miller after he missed the first FT, that he had to hit the rim on the second one? The poor guy was literally dazed and confused after getting rocked by Rondo. That might've helped.

-This one pisses me off the most. You have Paul Pierce hitting several jumpers from his sweet spot at the elbow end of the game. And on the last shot, even my dad knows the ball is going to Paul Pierce and he is going to take that shot from the elbow of the free throw line. But you don't double or make any adjustments in the game?!

If you look at the tape, DRose is in perfect position to double team on that play off of his guy. Think about this VDN, the Celtics didn't even have Ray Allen on the floor.

They had Eddie House, Tony Allen, and Steph on the court. House hasn't hit a shot in 2 games, Steph did not even want to touch the ball and passed up the last shot of regulation, and Tony Allen can't hit the backboard on a J if he tried.

None of these guys are big time players like PP is. So why do you not get the ball out of Paul Pierce's hands on that last shot?

If PP passes, which I doubt he will, you would have one of those three trying to hit a last second shot. If one of those guys beats you, they beat you.

You tip your hat to them, and chalk it up as a L. But to lose the way we did today was plain moronic.

I don't care what you do, but don't let PP get to his sweet spot and take that shot. VDN has been consistently bad all year long, but this game tonight takes the cake!

The funny thing is that in the post game press conference Vinny got asked if he thought about double teaming PP on that shot. His answer was yes, he thought about it, but then went on to say some complete bs that did not even make sense.

He said PP had seen it all and we did throw doubles at him, etc. He didn't even answer the question and again, it didn't even make sense.

K Gill even called him out on it and about not double teaming after the press conference on Comcast Sports. So ridiculous man.

Anyways, let me get my other random thoughts out before I go break something. I thought overall the Bulls played well, but as usual they had their usual mental lapses.

DRose did not play well towards the end of the game. When the Celts were making their run, I expected him to take control of the squad and calm things down.

Instead he drove a ball in and attempted a hasty layup which he missed, and on another play, he threw a very terrible oop attempt to Joakim after Joakim had stolen the ball. Rose played a well balanced, all around game, but he still had 6 turnovers.

A few of them at very critical times. He has to learn to play under control himself and take control of the team at the end of the game.

We need someone like that if we ever want to win a Chip, and he has to step up and be that guy. I think people also need to realize that Rose is a rookie.

I know that is no excuse, but originally people were excited for us just to make the playoffs just so Rose would get playoff experience. That was when no one thought we had a chance to win.

Since we are now trying to win the series, of course expectations have been raised. I just think we all need to keep that thought in the back of our heads.

Everything that is happening to him right now, is for the best, and is happening for a reason. Remember even Kobe shot air balls vs the Jazz in his first playoffs, but in the long run, he always says that made him stronger and better as a player.

Salmons and BGeezy were warriors tonight and have been in this series. They are playing with a ton of pain, and you got to give them credit for that.

Both of them had their scoring bursts in the game, which they need to continue to do if we want a chance to win this series. TT should've been playing more tonight.

He played well when he was out there. Hinrich was great too.

His last two games remind me of the way dude was playing years ago, before he got that big contract. Joakim played amazing.

People dog him, but the kid was just sick today. His hustle, defense and boarding kept us in the game.

Brad Miller needs to hit those free throws. He played well when he was in there though, but he needs to limit his turnovers moving forward.

My thoughts on the Celtics. The first thing that comes to mind is that they are a very dirty team.

The Celts have been committing hard fouls all series long. I can think of maybe four fouls right off the top of my head that should have been called Flagrants, that were not.

What pisses me off is that they always go for our players' heads. I know this is the playoffs and I know what playoff fouls are, but this is just ridiculous. Now I don't blame them for it, because if the refs don't care and are not calling it, then hey why not keep doing it.

Also, isn't it funny that after Perkins and Doc complain about foul calls, that he doesn't get any fouls called on him in this game? Ya the guy is a beast, but he hits someone every time down the court. Definitely fishy...

Also, my other random thought about the Celts. Sorry but these Celtics are punks.

Celts, you guys know you are the defending Champs and the two seed in the playoffs right? By the way they are acting and talking, it doesn't look like it, does it?

All of them bark so much, and KG barks the most. I've definitely lost respect for that guy.

Here is a dope post by my buddy at Pippen Ain't Easy as he talks more about this topic. During the game, KG was barking at Miller calling him a choker and talking smack to Gordon as he was walking off of the court.

Real classy man, you are so hard! Ahh man, we are all scared!

I think the Bulls need to get more physical and clap back on the Celts, but they need to do it smartly. Basically just do what the Celtics do.

Whenever people go up for layups, clock them hard. These Celts remind me of those Old Pistons Squads that couldn't stop Jordan, so they just tried to chop him down on every play.

Last shot, how is that not a flagrant foul on Rondo at the end of the game? The dude literally knocked Miller's tooth out.

How did he even go for the ball? Watch the video, then tell me that Rondo went for the ball.

What's sad is that those refs did not have the stones to call it a flagrant foul there in Boston because it was the last play of the game. That's the truth of the matter, plain and simple.

Rondo should be suspended for that hit, but I doubt he will be. Next time, I guess it is okay to just literally punch someone in the face when they are going up for their last shot of the game.

Just knock them out and they won't hit their free throws and you win! Plain genius!

Anyways, since this one is over, there is nothing else we can do about it. But I will say this, these Bulls showed me a lot of heart in the way they played in Game 4, and even today.

They did not just fold like the Hornets. This Bulls team is a team full of pride and heart and they have battled all series long.

They are not going to go out like that, I just know it. And DRose is not going to go out like that either.

The kid is special, and special players always bounce back after bad games, and he will bounce back in Game 6 in a big way. You heard it here first, the Bulls will win Game 6!

They are going to win and send this one back to Boston. The crowd will definitely be behind them as well and they will be pumped.

Let's see how it all plays out Thursday, and whatever happens, one thing is for sure, this series has been amazing to watch so far.

P.S. If anyone has a video of that Rondo foul on Brad Miller, send it to me if you can. My buddy Jim just emailed me saying he saw Perkins hand hit the rim on his attempt to block Miller's shot when Rondo rocked him. If so, isn't that goaltending?

P.P.S. If anyone is selling tickets to game 6 for cheap, holler at your boy. Definitely would love to go. Alright, im exhausted. Take care playaz, and GO BULLS!!!


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