Wes Welker Benched as Julio Lugo Returns

Aaron DodgeAnalyst IApril 28, 2009

Julio Lugo returned to the starting lineup tonight, marking the end of Wes Welker's stint as starting SS for the Red Sox. Welker filled in admirably for Jed Lowrie when the starter went down with a wrist ailment and later settled for surgery. Hitting in the nine-spot, Welker was able to maintain a .298 average with seven RBI and seven runs scored.

It's probably for the best though. Welker does need to report to mini camp in short time to prepare for the 2009 NFL season. It makes you wonder how he was able to balance both the MLB and NFL schedules in the past. He's played full seasons for AAA teams and MLB clubs like the Rays and Braves all while playing for the Dolphins and Patriots. It's almost like there are two of them.

Wait a minute...


In all seriousness, it's been fun to watch Nick Green play for the Sox this season, not only because of his solid play, but because, at first glance, the guy looks like Wes Welker. Maybe not so much when two pictures are compared, but in game it looks like Welker gained three inches in height and enjoys playing for the Sox in his offseason.

Anyone else out there thinking the same thing?


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