Under-the-Radar Free-Agent Options for Golden State Warriors to Pursue

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IMay 12, 2013

Under-the-Radar Free-Agent Options for Golden State Warriors to Pursue

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    Fans of the Golden State Warriors have gotten just about everything they could have asked for in the 2013 NBA playoffs.

    It has been so much fun, why not look forward to which player can come on board to help ensure that they not only get back into the postseason, but get a higher seed.

    With Carl Landry and Jarrett Jack free to leave this summer, replacing them is priority No. 1 this offseason should they both decide to sign elsewhere.

    Just in case they find a new home, here are six unrestricted free agents the Warriors can afford to replace them with.

Devin Harris

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    If Jack does leave, the Warriors will need a ball-handler who can also attack the rim.

    Devin Harris can do both of those things.

    The defense would not be there, but he can be a solid distributor off the bench. As long as Brandon Rush is back and healthy to provide more defense, Harris may be worth a look.

    With all the outside shooting Golden States possesses, Harris' lack of a jumper wouldn't be a big problem as long as he can penetrate, dish and attack the rim.

    Remember, if Landry opts out of his contract with Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Rush expected to exercise their player-option contracts, the Warriors will be committed to a $70-plus million payroll. They can't be too picky.

Elton Brand

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    For someone who made $16 million last season, on a contract that was amnestied, Elton Brand is expected to take a significant pay cut.

    At this point in their careers, Landry is a better player than Brand, but Elton's defense would give the Warriors a change of pace down low. If Landry does bolt, Brand would be a sufficient replacement. He would provide rebounding and above-average defense in the post, and would be a nice complement to David Lee off the bench.

    If nothing more than 20 minutes a night is expected of him, Brand provides value. That is if he will play for something close to the veteran minimum.

Beno Udrih

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    Beno Udrih is a solid NBA backup point guard.

    He can also play a little bit of the two-guard, so the Warriors wouldn't miss a beat (well, rotation-wise anyway) by featuring a three-guard lineup with Udrih replacing Jack.

    He would have to be, at the least, respected from the three-point line. He is a career 35 percent shooter who would get plenty of open looks as teams key in on Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry.

    In 27 games with the Orlando Magic, Beno, minus the low shooting percentage, averaged nearly the same numbers as Jack did for the Warriors.

    He is not known for hitting big shots, but he would be a viable replacement for the short term.

Nate Robinson

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    Why not bring him back?

    Although with his playoff performance, the price tag on Nate Robinson may be rising. His energy and scoring off the bench would help replace what would be lost if Jack leaves.

    With Derrick Rose coming back (we think) and Marquis Teague ready to assume the backup role, Robinson may not be in the Chicago Bulls' plans.

    He is not the defender Jack is, but does he ever know how to fire up a crowd. The Oracle fanbase and Nate are a perfect fit even though he is turnover-prone and erratic at times. However, if he would bring the energy and strong play demonstrated in the playoffs, the Warriors would be fortunate to have him.

    Nate can hit big shots as we have seen in these playoffs, something that would be desperately missed should Jack leave.

Shaun Livingston

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    Again, with all the shooting Golden State has, Shaun Livingston and his career 20 percent three-point shooting won't be all that bad. He filled in nicely when Kyrie Irving went down and actually shot nothing less than 50 percent in every month of the season starting in February.

    Livingston has good court vision and is a solid distributor. At 6'7", he is a long and rangy defender. He would fit in well with Curry and Thompson.

    An issue to consider is that he tends to get hurt, a lot.

    On the plus side, that would bring down his price tag, something that would benefit the Warriors greatly.

Andray Blatche

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    Andray Blatche is a pretty good player if he isn't expected to be the go-to guy.

    He would be able to fill Landry's role immediately, just with slightly lower percentages.

    His attitude has been a problem in the past, although ever since Blatche left Washington, he has been a stand-up guy.

    Well, he hasn't been a headache.

    Blatche's 10.3 points and 5.1 rebounds per game are almost identical to what Landry gave the Warriors. The "mean" he would provide in the post off the bench is something the Warriors could use.