WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Ryback Has No Chance Against John Cena

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistMay 10, 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Ryback Has No Chance Against John Cena

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    When Ryback challenges John Cena for the WWE Championship at WWE Extreme Rules 2013 in St. Louis, Mo., the result should surprise no one.  In fact, Ryback has no chance against John Cena.

    The match could very well be a good one.  In fact, if Ryback can wrestle as well as he did against Daniel Bryan on SmackDown, Ryback could win over many of his toughest critics.  

    But one thing he won't win is the WWE Championship.  Here are four reasons why.

No. 4: Ryback May Not Be Ready for Prime Time

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    2013 is the Year of Cena.  As his shirt says, "RTIME=NOW."  

    Many people, on the other hand, don't see Ryback's time in WWE coming any time soon, if ever.  WWE creative seems to agree.

    Strange as that may sound (he has headlined pay-per-views after all), it doesn't seem that Ryback is actually intended to win anything.  More on that later.

    As for right now, the present seems to belong to Cena. 

No. 3: Is Ryback Even Being Pushed?

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    Ryback has the unfortunate reputation for making mistakes.  Whether it's his alleged botches against Tensai, Paul Heyman and Mark Henry, or the tweet about Cena that got him in trouble, Ryback may be making enemies of all the wrong people.

    In fact, Ryback could very well be being punished.  After possibly botching his WrestleMania match and making disparaging remarks about Cena, Ryback may be in the doghouse.   He abruptly turned heel, which has halted all his momentum as a face that was growing in popularity.

    Another possibility is that he's just being used as a holdover opponent for Cena until CM Punk returns from sabbatical.   It wouldn't be the first time he was used that way, as Ryback was pushed to main-event status when Cena went down prior to Hell in a Cell 2012.

    Whatever the reason, it just doesn;t seem that WWE is ready to pull the trigger on making Ryback a champion.

No. 2: Is Ryback a Temporary Heel?

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    As mentioned in the previous slide, Ryback may only be a temporary heel.  WWE may well be simply using Ryback as a holdover opponent for John Cena until CM Punk returns.

    If that's the case, Ryback definitely has no chance to win the WWE Championship.  And, it may well sabotage Ryback's character altogether.

    WWE runs the risk of taking arguably the most popular wrestler—oops, sorry, we don't say that word anymore—in WWE and taking away all the support he worked hard to build.  

    Whether it's the result of creative scrambling for a viable opponent for Cena or they're just clueless on how to book a top star other than Cena, Ryback is not walking out of Extreme Rules with the belt (unless he steals it). 

No. 1: SuperCena Has Been Reborn and Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

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    SuperCena is here to stay.  WWE looks content to let Cena have another run with the WWE Championship, and it would be strange to see Cena lose the title after holding it for just over a month.

    What that means for Ryback is that he's got no chance to win.

    WWE is setting everything up to be yet another "Cena overcomes impossible odds" scenario at Extreme Rules.  Announcers proclaim Cena has no chance.  Cena's injury will certainly be promoted, as it has been.  And Ryback is a monster.  

    It's all too perfect.  Everyone expects Ryback to win, and unless WWE swerves everyone (something they really don't do much of these days), this feud will platy out exactly as described above.  

    Ryback, in short, has no chance to beat John Cena.