Lakers-Jazz Live Twitter Event: Second Half Recap

Tim CarySenior Analyst IApril 28, 2009 writer Tim Cary provided instant analysis of Monday's Lakers-Jazz Game Five on Twitter.  For more information, visit or search for the hashtag #LALUTA.

Here's how the second half went down, in episodes of 140 characters or less:

According to Yahoo stats, #Lakers are outrebounding #Jazz 28-15 @ intermission. 6-12 from three doesn't hurt, either. #LALUTA #nba #playoffs

Great pass from Odom to Gasol after the offensive rebound. Good start for #Lakers. And did Reggie just call Odom a 7-footer? Hmm...#LALUTA

Speaking of offensive rebounds, Okur gets an extra possession for #Jazz. They'll need a few of those in the second half. #LALUTA

Trevor Ariza is staking out the corners as his personal territory. Wonder if Bruce Bowen's finally ready 2 concede that real estate? #LALUTA

Odom w/ 18 pts. and 9 boards, and second half has barely started. Utah's on the ropes, if you ask me. #LALUTA #jazz

I've wondered for a few weeks now: do Lakers fans think if they yell MVP during every Kobe free throw, they'll sway somebody's vote? #LALUTA

It's gonna be LeBron. Get over it. LBJ not getting the trophy this year would be as much of an injustice as if KB hadn't gotten his last yr.

Humorous that we heard for the last 12 months how Bynum would be the X-factor to get #Lakers over hump. Now it's Gasol/Odom again. #LALUTA

@hrstudioplus I think you're right: I'd like to see Gasol involved consistently on offense. Hard 2 argue w/ Odom's success now, tho. #LALUTA

The way Gasol shredded D in gms 1&2 had Utah doubling block in 1st qtr: Kobe's just licking his chops then. Why go away from No. 16? #LALUTA

Sasha should only be allowed to shoot 3-ptrs; I'd even allow him to fist-pump after each 1 if it kept him away from 15-ft fadeaways. #LALUTA

Great work by the Lakers' frontcourt: good hard dive to rim by Odom opened up lane for Gasol's post move. #LALUTA Home team by 19 & counting

#Jazz aren't showing a lot of fight right now. Or in Reggie's words, "Steve Javie might have been UTA's best defensive effort 2nite." #LALUTA

Doesn't look like Lakers miss L. Walton. Depth may be a concern if injury persists, but playing Ariza/Kobe more mins is fine w/ me. #LALUTA

Great alley-oop from Kobe to Gasol on fast break. 20-point lead...and here they come again. Mr. Sloan, you need a timeout. #LALUTA

Cue Marv's famous "They're hearing it from this crowd" line as we go to the timeout? #LALUTA

TNT graphic shows Shannon Brown's 6-7 from three in the series for #Lakers. If Brown shoots 86% from distance for playoffs...parade? #LALUTA

Well, in the "good news" dept for Jazz fans - at least you won't lose by 58. #LALUTA I don't think so, anyway.

Great follow dunk by the Jazz. Highlights for the visitors (since 1st qtr, anyway) have been few and far between. #LALUTA

12 minutes between Lakers and second round. 19-point game; Utah almost cut it to 16, then Brown's heave almost made it 22. 4th is coming up

Vujacic got away with a travel, and Kobe finishes the possession with a 3. Utah was making a slow comeback, but that bad break hurt. #LALUTA

Korver scares me as an opposing fan- I'm glad he hasn't hurt the #Lakers more in this series. The guy can flat out shoot. #LALUTA

Kobe, I don't care if you think you got fouled. Run back and play defense. You can talk to the refs anytime. There, I said it. #LALUTA

How's this for a last-decade reference? Josh Powell shoots the 15-18 ft. jumper as consistently as...wait for it...Travis Knight. #LALUTA

Why can't Lakers games end before 1 AM eastern time? Oh wait, I remember. I live in Ohio. Sad. #LALUTA

Breaking news: Bynum scores a point. About time. #LALUTA

The lead's down to 15...and the "panicked Staples" cheer begins. That means i should probably start paying attention again. #LALUTA

You can always tell the nervous crowd sound. Translation: garbage time is not going well; we need a bucket. Kobe, time to play 1on5. #LALUTA

Gotta love Phil Jackson. The lead gets down to 13, series "hangs in the balance". Let's just take Kobe out of the game. Joy. #LALUTA

@TheJetonTNT Why are the Lakers taking Kobe out once the game finally gets close? I'll never get Phil Jackson. #LALUTA

The 20-point lead just shrunk to seven. In related news, the collective pulse rate of many, many Californians began to race simultaneously.

And now it's six. I knew Korver was trouble. Good thing Sloan's calling timeout, since Phil won't. Groan. #LALUTA

Phil probably shouldn't be talking about ball movement at this point. It will be Kobe for "better" or "worser" in the last 4 mins. #LALUTA

Interesting that it's D-Will on Kobe at crunch time. Here we go. #LALUTA

And the referees have officially put their whistles away. Too bad for the #Jazz, because they're taking the ball hard to the rim. #LALUTA

Anyone else expecting Williams pick & roll every trip for Utah? #LALUTA

Twitter: "What are you doing?" J. Sloan: "Jumping jacks trying to get a stinking call with the game on the line." Almost feel bad for Jazz.

Key word being almost. #LALUTA

Deron Williams ends up underneath Jack Nicholson's chair. "How's the movies coming, Jack?" Sloan ejected, and game is about over. #LALUTA

Some of those just have 2 be called 1 way or the other. Maybe Fish could have drawn a charge on the 1st one, but Utah should get the next 2.

We want tacos. And the Rockets or Blazers. In that order. Lakers are headed to the second round. #LALUTA

Odom with the exclamation point-that'll do it. Final: #Lakers 107, #Jazz 96. Bring on the...Rockets? Thanks for following #LALUTA. G'night.


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