WWE 'Total Divas' Reality Show: Introducing Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 9, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE's new reality show Total Divas will feature Divas of the familiar variety in The Bellas and Natalya Neidhart as well as newcomers, Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman.

Fans hoping that these two new additions to the rosters are great wrestlers who will help carry the division into a new era will be disappointed. Offerman and Marie are attractive women, but the question is what else will they offer the company?

It's no secret that WWE signs women with little to no wrestling experience to be a part of the Divas division. For every wrestling vet like Beth Phoenix it hires, the company hires a pretty face like Kelly Kelly. Total Divas will showcase two women who may very well turn out to be pleasant surprises, but Offerman and Marie aren't the least bit intimidating physically.

Offerman and Marie are going to be easy on the eyes—that's the only given. Their passion and dedication to their business are as of now unknown. How they take to the crazy world that is WWE is something fans will be watching for as the ladies develop.


Eva Marie

Fashion model, Natalie Eva Marie will be known as just Eva Marie while with WWE. Marie won the 2012 Powertec Model and Fashion competition.

The 5'8'' Marie is of Mexican and Italian descent.  She's from the Bay Area in California and according to an interview with Natalie Minh Lifestyle Magazine is a big San Francisco Giants fan. She told the magazine, "I bleed orange and black."

The history of fitness models becoming wrestlers has had some successes like Trish Stratus and Eve Torres but its had its share of flops as well. Marie's athletic background is a positive sign. She was an All-American soccer player (h/t FMIEvents.com) for Cal State Fullerton. 

Marie is more well-known than Offerman as she has appeared on several magazine covers including Ruckus, Import Tuner Magazine and Glam Fit Magazine.

She's tall, long and in great shape. Physically, she'll remind some fans of Torres. Of the two new Divas on WWE's reality show, Marie has the better shot at success. On the spectrum of physically imposing Divas, Offerman ranks somewhere below The Bellas.


Jo-Jo Offerman

Originally a singer and dancer, Joseann Alexie Offerman is among the least threatening-looking women WWE has ever signed. She's extremely petite, cute and hard to imagine as an athlete.

She writes on her Twitter profile that she is Mexican, Dominican and, sorry single dudes, taken.

Offerman has beautiful hair and a lovely smile, but she looks more like a woman you'd struggle to gather the courage to approach in a club than a pro wrestler. Perhaps, she has a store of athleticism and toughness in her that will surprise us all. Chances are, though, WWE has not found its next Lita.

If the photos on her Instagram page are any indication, Offerman has a bubbly personality. If she doesn't cut it n the ring then WWE can always use her as someone's valet. AJ Lee can hold her own between the ropes, but she's made her living mostly on being cute and crazy outside the ring.

That may be Offerman's point of entry as well.

When Total Divas debuts on July 28, fans will get to know both women more if they so desire. They'll see how Offerman and Marie handle learning the art of wrestling. Fans will also see them from an intimate viewpoint with how much the cameras will be on them.

A lot of questions will be answered slowly over time as Offerman and Marie reveal themselves to E! viewers and the WWE Universe. The only certain thing is that both ladies have a lot of catching up to get to the level of NXT's resident ass-kicker, Paige.