LeBron James Takes Steal Coast to Coast, Finishes with Authority

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

LeBron James took the Game 2 against the Chicago Bulls into his own hands here and there throughout the first half when the rest of the Miami Heat were preoccupied with out-punching the Bulls for much of the half.

With the Heat going back and forth with the Bulls for much of the first half, LeBron found an opening after a steal, weaving in and out of the lane in search of this huge dunk.

Much of the first quarter was filled with guys elbowing, shoving, checking and tackling each other all over the court, but this was easily the hardest anything was hit throughout the game. That rim is going to be sore in the morning.

Just watching LeBron intercept the pass to the corner like a defensive back makes it evident why people constantly talk about the likelihood that he would have thrived in the NBA. Not only that, it makes it obvious why the Heat are assumed to be the favorites to win this year's NBA championship.

LeBron's been a monster in the passing lanes.He picks another,then takes it coast to coast for a dunk you should watch on YouTube. 19-15 Mia

— Dime Update (@DimeUpdate) May 8, 2013


Chalmers with 2 first-quarter fouls for the second straight game, Wade just went to locker room and LeBron can dunk. 19-15 Heat.

— Tim Reynolds (@ByTimReynolds) May 8, 2013

With Chicago doing a great job of frustrating the Heat throughout the first quarter, it was this steal and dunk that really got things going for Miami.

LeBron led the way in the first half with 19 points for the Heat, giving them the 14-point lead at halftime and the leg up going into the second half.

It's hard to cover a guy this size who can jump that high, go from coast to coast and weave in and out of traffic like that, let alone completely shut him down.

The Bulls have quite the task on their hands if they really want to pull off the upset.