Is Former TNA Star Christian Cage in Line for a Return to Impact Wrestling?

Chris Wilkerson@The_WilkersonCorrespondent IIMay 7, 2013

Christian Cage set to return? (Credit: TNA)
Christian Cage set to return? (Credit: TNA)

Dixie Carter may have set the rumor mill alight this week after revealing Christian Cage to be the wrestler she would most like to see return to TNA.

Dixie was in Glasgow, Scotland to announce further plans for TNA's 2014 UK tour, including the first-ever "live" television taping of Impact Wrestling in Scotland.

During a Q&A panel session with assembled fans and journalists, the question was one of many put toward her, but one of the few that seemed to merit a natural response, in contrast to the seemingly rehearsed and planned answers she gave to many. 

Adam Davey from the UK's reports that 

Unlike every other question the cool, calm and collected response went out of the window. Without a moment's pause, Dixie blurted out "Christian Cage." The answer was given with a real passion and excitement - it was like a school girl telling a friend a secret that they couldn't hold in any longer. 

She talked about how Christian was part of the TNA family and how he was welcomed back (and enjoyed) his brief appearance at last year's Slammiversary.

Now, of course, this could be nothing more than an honest response with little background. However, Christian is one star who could really make the switch. 

Obviously, his time before suggests he is willing to work with TNA, but the manner in Dixie's answer is intriguing. First, not only was it a very natural response, but it would also be a popular move for many to see Christian work in an environment where he was given more chance to shine. 

There is also the fact the two companies still have frosty relations over talent.

Consider the compromise they had to come to over Christian appearing at Slammiversary last year, with WWE only allowing the switch if TNA let Ric Flair appear at the Hall of Fame ceremony earlier in the year. Noting that, TNA would be wary of mentioning WWE talent so openly.

Is this an indication that negotiations over the WWE stalwart are already underway?

Christian has reportedly been fit for some time, yet he has not been on WWE TV for 10 months.

He made public appearances at WWE Axxess, which, coincidentally, fell 60 days before TNA Slammiversary 2013. Does that indicate a 60-day no-compete clause? I may just be poking at trouble with that one.

TNA clearly enjoyed a good relationship with Christian and would benefit from a really over face to come rejoin its roster.

The company has shown a willingness to embrace stars who have a history with WWE, most recently with Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy's Full Metal matches. Could Christian be a new rival for Aces and Eights leader Bully Ray?

And is there a place for Christian in WWE anymore?

Maybe it would serve him better to make full use of his talents in TNA as his career begins the path toward its end. Should Christian continue his absence on WWE TV for much longer, then it will be hard to ignore Ms. Carter's enthusiastic words.


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