The Top 11 Things Mel Kiper Can Do Now That the NFL Draft Is Complete

Seattle SportsnetCorrespondent IApril 27, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  Mel Kiper, Chris Mortensen and Keyshawn Johnson broadcast for ESPN during the 2007 NFL Draft on April 28, 2007 at Radio City Music Hall in New York, New York. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
The 2009 NFL Draft is complete, meaning Mel Kiper, Jr. has nothing to do. So we’ve gone ahead and come up with a list of 11 activities MKJ can undertake during his offseason. Enjoy.

11. Put together Mel Kiper’s Scripps National Spelling Bee Big Board

Because somebody’s gotta do it. And a quick reminder, Bee Week kicks off May 26.


10. Go back to plotting the hit on Todd McShay

The younger, more knowledgeable, better looking, less annoying version of Kiper is quietly becoming ESPN’s go-to guy when it comes to analysis on the NFL Draft. Think of McShay as Tim Kurkjian, to Kiper’s Peter Gammons.


9. Return to Safeway for his offseason job

“Mel Kiper, clean up on aisle seven...Kiper to aisle seven. Thank you.”


8. Get Lasik surgery to eliminate the perpetual squint

Contrary to popular belief, Mel Kiper is not Chinese.


7. Get out his Makita power buffer and go to work on that jaw

It’s not easy maintaining a chin that square.


6. Go back to the summer coaching clinic circuit at Mel Kiper’s "Day Camp For Future NFL Draft Gurus."

How do you think Todd McShay came up so quickly?


5. Walk his dog, Mel Kiper, III

This sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Kiper really owns a dog, and he really did name it Mel Kiper, III.


4. Sign up for the next Real World

“Everyone gets along pretty well in the house, except Mel. I don’t know about him. He spends way too long in the bathroom, and I did walk in on him once with his pants down, standing in front of the TV, watching a still image of himself….I mean, it was pretty freakin weird.”


3. Star in Judd Apatow’s next Bromance with McShay

Entitled, I Love You, Man…But You Lack The Arm Strength To Throw The Deep Ball.


2. Find a woman

Or a man. I mean, you can’t really be sure with a guy like Kiper. My guess is he uses McShay as his wingman…."Hey sexy lady, see my friend over there? That’s Mel, and he thinks you’re pretty fly."


1. Resume his annual quest for the perfect mousse

It takes a village to raise Mel Kiper’s well-coiffed head of hair. A village of mousse, that is.