Monster Flatulence Interrupts Shot at Snooker World Championship Game

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 7, 2013

Alright, who stepped on a duck?

Nobody seems ready to ‘fess up to it, but someone cut the cheese—nay, they nuked the cheese—in the middle of a semifinal game at the Snooker World Championship (via Deadspin). 

Judd Trump was lining up a shot against (now) five-time snooker world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan when some dastardly individual in the crowd corked off a ridiculous chair-rumbler that cut through the stands and destroyed the tense silence of the moment.

The flatulence was picked up clear as day by microphones at the event and was so disruptive it caused Trump to pull up from his shot.

Yes, someone finally farted loud enough to interrupt a sporting event, a first-time event as far as my immediate knowledge goes. 

The timing of the incident leaves us with questions, so if you don’t like conspiracy theories based on fart-bombings at international snooker tournaments, I suggest you leave now.

I have questions concerning this gas-attack and its noisiness and dubious timing: Did O’Sullivan pay someone to sit in the stands with a Chipotle bowl of barbacoa and pinto beans? Was there a confederate in Trump’s camp with a bad case of IBS? Was it O’Sullivan? Can he “throw” this sound like some people throw a voice?

I’ll say one thing, this image doesn’t help prove Sullivan’s innocence (via AFP/Getty).

Sorry, I’ll calm down. It’s just a very disturbing incident with so many things left to be hashed out. 

I do know this—you don’t yell in a golfer’s backswing, and you don’t uncork ridiculous flatulence during an extremely tense moment at an event like the Snooker World Championship series.

Unfortunately, Trump would never recover from this dastardly interruption and would go on to lose the match.


Hard at work on a second fart-er theory: Dr__Carson


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