Grading the LeBron X MVP Shoe King James Rocked in Game 1 vs Bulls

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2013

LeBron James is currently on his MVP tour after receiving the fourth NBA MVP Award of his career on Sunday, meaning Nike had to do something special for their most important active spokesman.

Cue ridiculous colorways.

If you had your eye on the first game of the second-round series between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, then you probably noticed the colorful feet of LeBron and maybe even paused the DVR for a few seconds to get a closer look.

One thing is for sure—these bad boys aren't for everybody. The LeBron X MVP Shoe is colorful, shiny, vibrant, hilarious and hideous all at once.

Nike has mashed together a bunch of designs from LeBron Xs that have been released throughout the year, tossed an "MVP" on the tongue and called it a tribute (via

The design details, including MVP on the shoe tongue, weave the story of James’s incredible journey over the past year. It’s a path that has seen him striving for excellence by perfecting his shooting efficiency, assists and rebounds to cut through defense effectively as an individual and as a team. Along the way, James has traveled from the courts of London to the hardwood arena of Miami, achieving victory in an extraordinary 27-game winning streak.

They'll be releasing the shoe in limited quantity of the style in the near future. Something tells me that's not to make them rare, it's simply that nobody is breaking down the doors to wear a vomited rainbow on their feet.



I've said plenty of times that the LeBron X is a terrific style of shoe, and it's no different here.

They're not too heavy, but they don't ascribe to the ultra-light style that has become the rage over the past year, giving them plenty of support.

The high ankle isn't quite as dramatic as Adidas' AdiPower Howard 3, making them a lot less jarring than the style has become.

LeBron's MVP tributes don't change anything as far as the style of the shoe goes. It's all in the color of the kick that make it so very different.

Grade: B



The best way to take these shoes in is from above. Otherwise, you're constantly flicking your eyes back and forth trying to figure out exactly what is happening.

Actually, I'd say the best way to look at these shoes would be not at all, but there are some things you've just got to go through in life to appreciate them afterward.

Immediately what sticks out to me is the rainbow starburst inside the left shoe contrasting with the galaxy inside the right.

The galaxy look kind of shows up again on the toe of the left shoe, but it's countered with some Aztec-like design on the right toe, all in a deep red.

Lefty is slathered with randomly-placed orange and blue triangles, while righty is dotted with similarly random blue and green triangles.

There's a lion on the inside of the tongue on one of the shoes, different colored soles, shoestrings, MVP placards and LeBron logos.

In all, it's a calculated mess, yet I can't seem to work backward from the conclusion to find out what all of the work means. It's a ton of ridiculous designs jammed together, making it seem as if they couldn't really figure out what to do for this shoe, so they just used some of everybody's idea.

Grade: D


"Special" Shoe Quality

There's no doubt that this is a shoe for a special occasion, but to a certain extent, it looks as if it's being special for the sake of being special.

Odds are we'll be able to stumble back upon this shoe in a few years and go, "Oh yeah, that was LeBron's MVP shoe from 2013," but that doesn't make it a good tribute, just a memorable one.

The only thing that tells you it's a congratulations to LeBron is the small "MVP" on the tongue of each shoe. What becomes a problem is that there's so much else going on that the "MVP" on each tongue is almost an afterthought.

Grade: C-



I'm always going to like the LeBron X. It's a solid shoe that will continue to be one of my favorites from the past year.

However, this design is just too much for me to handle, and I'm usually a fan of colorways that are generally accepted as ugly.

They make LeBron James look goofy. If they do that to the best basketball player on Earth, what are they going to do to your average dude struggling to keep his dribble while driving to the lane at the local YMCA?

While they are incredibly interesting to look at (and believe me, I stared in disbelief for a solid five minutes), the ultimate conclusion is that they're an ugly piece of footwear.

Grade: C-