John Cena Cannot Please His Haters in WWE

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IMay 5, 2013

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John Cena could find a cure for cancer, and he still would hear boos.

John Cena could find a lasting Mideast peace, and his detractors still would say he sucks.

John Cena could turn heel...and people still would find a reason to hate his character.

Face it. John Cena cannot please his haters in WWE.

We have heard all the reasons why Cena hears the boos. His character has not changed much, if at all, in years. He is too predictable—coming close to the cusp of defeat only to roar back and muster all his SuperCena strength to hit either the Attitude Adjustment or the STF.

Cena’s character is too much like Hulk Hogan during his “take your vitamins and say your prayers” stage. He plays to kids and the all-American nuclear family, and that is a pill that the hardcore fans (mostly male) who long for yet another sniff at the Attitude Era find very hard to swallow.

So Cena is booed...and booed lustily. And depending upon where Raw or the pay-per-view is staged, those boos are loud and long.

Cena does not turn a deaf ear to those catcalls. He always has maintained that the difference of opinion about him is part of what makes being in WWE such a blast.

He knows what we all know. John Cena cannot please his haters in WWE.

But does WWE want him to? Probably not.

WWE is shrewd enough to know that the Cena haters are a big part of its audience. They know that despite what some of them may claim, the Cena haters still will tune in week after week just to see what he is doing and hate on him even more.

It’s the same reason why liberals go after the Fox News Channel and the conservatives go after MSNBC and CNN. You know they are going to aggravate the heck out of you by what they say or do, but you still tune in just to throw more fuel on the fire.

It's almost like hating Cena is a side sport for many wrestling fans. It's done because it's fun.

And it always becomes a contest in the arenas to see who can shout "Let's go, Cena" or "Cena sucks" the loudest.

Pro wrestling no longer has the clear-cut good guys or bad guys anymore. Tweeners have found their way into that demographic.

It probably can be said that the Attitude Era did more for the heels’ popularity than the faces’. Thanks to that period, the line between good and evil now is in the sand rather than on the pavement. And we all know it’s much easier to wipe out a sand line than a pavement line.

Look at CM Punk. WWE’s reigning top heel hears his share of cheers.

Look at Ryback. When he attacked Cena several weeks ago on Raw, all the Cena haters found themselves a new person to get behind.

Look at Randy Orton. He is a heel wrapped in an anti-hero face.

We sometimes forget that when Cena broke into WWE, he did so as a rapping thug heel. But WWE saw the potential for him to become a mega-face, so he was turned.

And he has not been back since. Nor will he go back anytime soon.

Not as long as the Cena haters continue to tune in and weigh in.

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