Brock Lesnar Must Defeat Triple H at Extreme Rules

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

Brock Lesnar Must Defeat Triple H at Extreme Rules

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    As far as his current run in WWE goes, Brock Lesnar is currently walking into the Extreme Rules 2013 pay-per-view with a record of 1-2, which is not exactly what you would expect for someone whose character is supposed to be an unstoppable beast.

    His big return match with John Cena resulted in a loss, which he followed up several months later with a victory over Triple H. That favor was paid back when Triple H defeated him at WrestleMania to even the score.

    This upcoming steel cage match will effectively be the rubber match between the two. One man has to come out of this with the edge over his opponent in terms of the scoreboard.

    The man that needs to come out on top of this situation is Brock Lesnar and there are several reasons why it would make no sense for Triple H to win the match in comparison.

    Let's take a look at why all signs point to a necessary Brock Lesnar win at Extreme Rules 2013.

Triple H Has Nothing to Lose at Extreme Rules

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    There were two primary reasons for Triple H's victory at WrestleMania XXIX.

    First and foremost, Triple H was looking for payback (not the upcoming pay-per-view), and no revenge storyline ever feels complete until that character actually defeats the villain.

    The second and more important reason for Hunter winning was that they incorporated a retirement stipulation into the match. Unless you're planning on actually retiring or you're willing to throw away the entire purpose of the feud by retroactively ignoring the retirement and throwing it all away, it was then obvious that Triple H would have to win.

    With Extreme Rules, there isn't anything on the line for Triple H if he loses. If Brock Lesnar walks out of the cage, makes Triple H submit or gets a pinfall victory, Triple H doesn't have to forfeit the company or his wife or anything of the sort.

    Triple H has long been a member of the roster that doesn't need victories in order to retain his main-event status. He's already a future Hall of Famer and will not lose popularity in the eyes of the fans or credibility by losing this match.

    If Triple H has nothing to lose by losing this match other than the game of points with Brock Lesnar, what rationality is there to make it a point for him to win the steel cage match?

Brock Lesnar Has More to Gain by Winning

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    Just as Triple has nothing to lose by being defeated in this steel cage match, he equally has nothing to gain by winning it.

    Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, is going into this match with a losing record and a future full of matches that depend upon his victory here. If he walks out of this pay-per-view with only one win out of his four matches since returning to WWE, how can the fans be expected to think he stands a chance in his next match?

    Between the two men, Brock Lesnar is the bigger draw at the moment and the person that WWE will be relying on to sell tickets. They both can be classified as part-time roster members, but if one of them is going to wrestle more matches over the course of the next year, it can be assumed that it would be Brock Lesnar. Because of that, there is more stock that needs to be placed in Brock Lesnar's credibility than Triple H's.

    If Brock Lesnar loses this match for seemingly no reason and then moves on to a different feud with someone else, he'll be entering that feud looking weaker than he did when he took his loss against John Cena.

    WWE beats the idea of momentum being so important over our heads every week on its programming that it should take its own advice and give that momentum to the person who will be one of its major attractions for the next year or so as opposed to someone that could very well likely not wrestle again until WrestleMania XXX.

    Brock's character is that of a monster who is a threat at all times. With each and every loss, the mystique and value of that character drops considerably. Who cares about the unstoppable beast that can be stopped at any moment?

    What draw exists for future feuds with people like Sheamus, Randy Orton, Ryback and CM Punk if Brock Lesnar goes from being a special fight to just your average wrestler?

Brock Lesnar Doesn't Have to Win Clean in a Steel Cage Match

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    The supposed reasoning for a steel cage match in WWE is to have a brutal environment that prevents outside interference, locking the two wrestlers in a small and dangerous place to determine who is the true winner when it's down to just the two of them.

    WWE fans know better than to believe that, as steel cage matches—more often than not—actually end up resulting in some sort of cheating that influences the outcome of the match.

    Sometimes, an outsider slams the door shut on a wrestler trying to exit the cage. Once in a while, someone will climb the cage and either enter the ring itself or put a stop to a wrestler who is in the midst of a climb himself. There are plenty of ways that screwjobs have been booked for cage matches over the years.

    With that being said, Brock Lesnar has the slimy Paul Heyman in his corner, who is no stranger to both cheating and gimmick matches. He can easily be one of the factors that contributes toward Brock Lesnar winning this match.

    The fact that Lesnar doesn't have to simply pin Triple H on his own or make him say, "I quit" lends flexibility to the nature of his victory. For the people that would like to argue that Triple H shouldn't lose clean, there are escape routes. For the people that believe heels should work around the system as much as possible, this is certainly doable in this type of a match.

    To wrap us up, even an easy-to-book and shady victory for Brock Lesnar is more beneficial than any sort of win for Triple H, because another loss for Lesnar hurts his drawing power and another win in the column for Triple H accomplishes nothing.

    Do you agree that Brock Lesnar should win the steel cage match against Triple H at Extreme Rules, or are you hoping the King of Kings is victorious? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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