TNA Joker's Wild 2013 Results: Stars Who Had Strongest Showings at PPV

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2013

Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling
Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling

In a pay-per-view centered around tag team wrestling, it's appropriate that somebody like James Storm would be the biggest winner.

Storm won the 12-man Battle Royale at Joker's Wild to win $100,000. He took to Twitter to show off his giant novelty check:

For the fans who have seen WCW's Battlebowls, the concept was generally the same with Joker's Wild. There were six tag matches with randomly selected partners, the winners of which would be entered into a Battle Royale at the end of the show.

Storm and Christian York beat Crimson and Gunner, then eliminated Bobby Roode to win the main event. He and York are experienced tag team wrestlers, and they helped to put on a good match.

Although Joker's Wild was largely independent from TNA's current storylines, Storm winning the final Battle Royale will only make him look stronger in the fans' eyes.

Here are three other wrestlers who looked very good at the One Night Only event.


Bobby Roode

Seeing Roode and Storm team up to eliminate DOC in the Battle Royale offered some nice nostalgia. The two were a great tag team as Beer Money, Inc. Of course they went on to have a major feud, which was nice to hear the announcers acknowledge. In WWE, it would have been completely ignored because it happened more than a month ago.

Roode came within a few inches of winning the Battle Royale as he almost eliminated Storm at the end. Storm skinned the cat and came back to send Roode out and win the match.

Where Roode was perhaps his best was in the tag match that earned him a spot in the Battle Royal. He teamed up with Joseph Park to beat Robbie E and Zema Ion.

Roode's reaction when Park's name was drawn was fantastic. Then he went on to scream words of encouragement at his tag partner. It was the exact kind of reaction and mannerisms you would expect from somebody like Roode having to partner up with Park.


Joseph Park

Speaking of Park, although he's not the most dominating guy in the ring, he more than makes up for that with his sheer entertainment.

Don't forget it was Park, though, who essentially won the tag match. He hit the Black Hole Slam on Zema Ion, only for Roode to get the blind tag and just go for the pin.

Park's mannerisms in the ring are just gold. He's so good at looking overmatched and scared in the ring, just as any lawyer would when going up against professional wrestlers. He's consistently one of the best things about TNA each week.

Backstage, Park kept going on about what he would do with the $100,000 should he win the Battle Royal. Through his law firm, Park, Park & Park, he would donate the winnings to inner-city charities or whatever else.

Park even managed to eliminate Jessie Godderz, which isn't all that great of an accomplishment, but it's still progress for a guy like Park.


Matt Morgan

A Battle Royale is the perfect thing for a huge guy like Matt Morgan. He's got the chance to eliminate a ton of guys and still look strong even in a loss. That's pretty much what happened at Joker's Wild.

Morgan eliminated Joseph Park, Samoa Joe and Robbie T. He was then dumped out by Storm, but there's no shame being taken out by the eventual winner.

The Blueprint also looked very good in his tag match. Much of the story revolved on whether he would have to face his regular tag partner, Joey Ryan.

Eventually the two were forced to battle, and Ryan's offense had no effect on Morgan. Then, Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint for the win. The whole sequence last about 10 seconds.

That's all the time Morgan needed to take out Ryan.