Auburn Football: 5 Auburn-Themed Shows the New SEC Network Must Consider

Brett Mixon@@TrueBlueAUContributor IMay 5, 2013

Auburn Football: 5 Auburn-Themed Shows the New SEC Network Must Consider

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    The much anticipated SEC Network is coming to a channel near you in August of 2014. For fans of the Auburn Tigers, this is a chance to get much more coverage and more of an inside look at the Tigers. 

    Bleacher Report's Barrett Sallee gave SEC fans a look at what the network may mean for the future of the country's best college football conference. The network will bring games and original content to fans of the Southeastern Conference. Each institution will put together the original programming for the school. 

    Auburn already has its own TV show called, "Auburn Football: Every Day." You can expect a lot more of that with the new SEC Network.

    This got me thinking, what would be some good candidates for some other Auburn-themed shows that the SEC Network should consider? With some help from friends on Twitter, I have come up with the five best Auburn shows that the SEC Network needs to consider when it debuts in August of 2014. 

    Hope you're paying attention, Commissioner Slive.

How I Caught Your Squirrel

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    "How I Caught Your Squirrel" is a spin-off from the hit TV show, "How I Met Your Mother."

    This TV show will follow the squirrel-catching exploits of Auburn RB Tre Mason and former Auburn RB Onterio McCalebb. According to teammates, McCalebb used to chase and catch squirrels to test his speed. I'd say it worked out pretty well for him. His 40-yard dash was among the fastest at this year's NFL combine.

    Just when squirrels in the Auburn/Opelika area thought it was safe to come out of hiding when McCalebb graduated, Mason decided to follow in McCalebb's footsteps by catching squirrels. On April 29, he tweeted a picture of the squirrel he caught and said "Chase squirrels to test your speed!"

    Catch squirrels to test your speed!

    — Tre Mason (@TreMason21) April 29, 2013

    It's OK, PETA. No squirrels will be harmed in the making of this series. 

Conspiracy Minds

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    "Conspiracy Minds" is a spin-off of the popular show, "Criminal Minds."

    The conspiracies that have surrounded the Auburn football program since 2010 are among the most well-thought out conspiracies there are. 

    Conspiracies range from FBI wire-tapping, special debit cards for players to rigged bingo machines for players at Victoryland Casino. There was even a thread titled "As the Plains Burn" on a popular message board that had over 20,000 posts.

    In almost every Auburn article on Bleacher Report, you can find a conspiracy theory for your reading entertainment in the comment section. We are talking high-level, black helictopter, tinfoil hat-type of stuff here. 

    Starring in "Conspiracy Minds" would be the well-known cast of characters that get thrown into all of the Auburn conspiracies. Former Colonial Bank CEO Bobby Lowder, Victoryland owner Milton McGregor, Cam Newton, SEC commissioner Mike Slive, radio personality Paul Finebaum and numerous others. 

    "Conspiracy Minds" is sure to be a big hit on the SEC Network. 

Quarterbacks of Our Lives

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    "Quarterbacks of our Lives" is a spin-off of the popular soap opera, "Days of Our Lives."

    The quarterback position at Auburn has been a soap opera in and of itself since former QB Brandon Cox graduated after the 2007 season. Each fall since then, with the exception of 2010, the Tigers have reported to practice not knowing who would be the starting QB. 

    This show would document the drama of the annual QB race but also have appearances from the great Auburn QBs of the past. Heisman Trophy winners Pat Sullivan and Cam Newton would be regulars on the show, along with Jason Campbell, Lloyd Nix, Stan White, Jeff Burger, Patrick Nix and others.

    Of course, current WR coach and former Auburn QB Dameyune Craig would appear as well. 

House of Cameron Artis-Payne

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    "House of Cameron Artis-Payne" is a spin-off of the TV show, "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

    Wouldn't you like to see JUCO transfer Cameron Artis-Payne work his way from to SEC stardom? This show would follow Artis-Payne in his journey to become the next great Auburn running back. 

    Auburn fans got their first glimpse of Artis-Payne on A-Day, where he turned in a fantastic performance. The offensive MVP rushed for 117 yards on 18 carries and one touchdown. He also had two catches out of the backfield for 47 yards. 

    (h/t @tippy0911 on Twitter for the idea)

Two Tree Corner

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    "Two Tree Corner" is a spin-off of the TV show, "One Tree Hill"

    Toomer's Corner is an SEC and college football landmark. The rest of the nation needs to know why.

    This TV show would document the history of the iconic Toomer's Oaks that were recently removed. It would also document the numerous rollings of the trees after big wins and what the oaks meant to the Auburn family.

    Beyond the trees, the show can also center around how Toomer's Corner became the place where the Auburn family congregates after an Auburn victory.