Daryl Washington Puts Arizona Cardinals in a Tough Position

Jonathan CullenSenior Writer IMay 3, 2013

Washington finds himself in more trouble this offseason.
Washington finds himself in more trouble this offseason.Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Right now Daryl Washington is innocent until proven guilty concerning allegations of domestic abuse that first surfaced Wednesday night (via Arizona Sports).

But coming on the heels of a four-game suspension for substance abuse, the Arizona Cardinals have to be very concerned here. B/R's Gary Davenport breaks down Washington's previous suspension here

The 26-year-old was one of the shining lights for the 5-11 Cardinals last season, rewarding the team's faith in him and coming to an agreement on a six-year contract extension before last season—a contract extension that would pay him $32 million. 

Washington's ongoing issues this offseason have put a damper on the first year at the helm for new head coach Bruce Arians and new general manager Steve Keim. Obviously both men had hoped to be playing real football games before dealing with anything like this controversy.

Both men have to be concerned about how this allegation will play out with the player, the Cards' fanbase and Washington's teammates moving forward. It will be interesting to see how the Cardinals' organization handles this.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio details that Washington and his attorney were scheduled to meet with the police today, hopefully to clear his name and provide his version of events to the authorities.

If these charges are substantiated, then Washington could find his career with the Cardinals in jeopardy. Washington already knew he was on shaky ground with the suspension and shouldn't have put himself and the Cards back in this position. 

One thing that is for sure right now is that the Cardinals can't feel good about this situation—finding themselves dealing with another issue with Washington less than a month after his suspension.

Washington, to his credit, took responsibility for his substance-abuse suspension and stated in a release through the team:

"...I take full responsibility and I understand that I let down my teammates, the organization and fans. I apologize for that and promise that no one will work harder to make up for it."

Hopefully Washington now realizes that there is more to just saying those words before it is too late.

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